Suspected Peking girl was caught stealing from a British supermarket.

 Suspected Peking girl was caught stealing from a British supermarket.

The center of this public opinion swirling is a female student allegedly from Peking University. A number of publicity reports said she had reached out to a Chinese supermarket in Edinburgh and had come hand in hand.

This is the case.

Just a few days ago, a Chinese supermarket in Edinburgh, named Xingguang convenience, published such a content in a circle of friends, pointing directly to a Chinese female student who conspired with a boy to steal the goods in the supermarket and did not admit it.

The star light convenience supermarket made it clear that this was a girl from University of Edinburgh who had stolen the store under the cover of another boy, and the monitoring video in the store had recorded the girls theft.

The store also said that if the girl did not come back in two days to apologize, the store would expose the video to the University of Edinburgh, so that the girl could not get the certificate and transfer the video to the police at the same time.

The convenience store owner said angrily that the girl threw the Chinese face to Britain and classified it as scum.

Star convenience supermarket said that the girl on the day of the same male friend came to the supermarket shopping, after they asked the clerk whether to take the glutinous rice chicken, the clerk himself took out the glutinous rice chicken from the freezer and put it on the girls hands.

When the girl was closing the bill at the front desk, only two packets of money were paid. When the clerk asked the girl if there was no money to pay for the glutinous rice chicken, the girl answered the sticky rice chicken back to the freezer.

But surveillance video showed that the glutinous rice chicken said he had not returned to the freezer.

From the video clip in the store, it is not difficult to see that the girl has put it in the bag after getting the sticky rice chicken, and the male students who talk to the shop assistant help the girl to hide their eyes. The match between the two people made the assistant on the side unprepared.

A few days later, the girl appeared again in the supermarket, because the face is really unforgettable, the clerk recognized the girl at a glance.

This time, the identity of the girl was exposed by the Starlight Convenience supermarket, it turned out that she was not a full-time student of the University of Edinburgh.

According to the star convenience supermarket revealed that she was not in order to apologize, but after the clerk mentioned stealing glutinous rice chicken, the girl was still rude, saying that he did not have theft at all.

After the shopkeeper said she would call the police, the girls attitude gradually eased down and said she did steal the glutinous rice chicken. But when the shopkeeper asked why she was worried, she said, there is nothing to steal.

The woman was not a full-time International Student from the University of Edinburgh, but an exchange student from Peking University who came to Edinburgh to attend the summer school, the party said. There are also sources from unknown sources, the girl from Peking University foreign languages institute, currently studying sophomore.

It is said that her summer school program, with a tuition fee of 3500 pounds (a total of about 30000 yuan), needs to pay about 10000 yuan of round-trip tickets, plus the cost of living expenses, and the trip needs to spend about 50000 yuan.

And judging by her dress, the girl does not seem to be living in a family that scraps pots and sells iron for her children to go abroad to school.

However, the girl, on the second day of arrival in Edinburgh in July 30th, made a number of theft at the Starlight convenience supermarket and refused to admit it after being exposed. It didnt look like the first mistake.

What is more surprising is the sophistry of the girls teacher. On the day of August 3rd, the leader of the girls leader came to the supermarket to apologize to the shopkeeper. She said she had good grades and had a good family condition. This event must not be on purpose. It must be careless, forget to pay.

The teacher also expressed the hope that shopkeepers could delete the circle of friends they had sent out, and did not want to affect their childrens future.

The store owner said that the teachers apology was completely accepted, but insisted on not removing the content published by the circle of friends and disagreed with the teachers attitude of small and small. The surveillance video clearly shows that the girl is absolutely deliberate theft, recognizing the mistake is only the beginning, and admitting her mistake has room for salvation...

After that, the store wrote in a circle of friends that the Po text of a friend circle would not be deleted, and the teacher at the University of Edinburgh made it clear that she would not accept the girls application, hoping that the girl realized his true mistakes and purify his own code of conduct.

Although this matter is important in the circle of friends, and the source of the news is also the stores statement, the rumors of Peking University Girl and team teacher have not been directly in front of the media, but the event is still on fire on the micro-blog.

The first reaction of some netizens is: lose face and go abroad! Give back to such a famous school like Peking University.

Some netizens also contacted the former case of cat abuse by Peking University students and sulphuric acid splashing in the Tsinghua Student Zoo, lamenting what happened to the students of famous schools now.

However, some netizens are a bit far away from it.

Then there are netizens to reflect on why such a vicious event as long as involved in the famous school, will be unlimited amplification in social media_.

Of course, in view of this point of view, some small partners think that the theft is not only a personal behavior, but the teachers favoritism can also explain the responsibility of the school.

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