It is hard to tell which country Turkey is competing for in the Great Wall.

 It is hard to tell which country Turkey is competing for in the Great Wall.

Thats the case, according to the 6 day of the Turkey daily news, an economics graduate from Istanbul, SuAyhan, who appeared on the August 4th Turkey edition of the millionaire program.

Where is the the Great Wall of China? the host asked. It was reported that this was the fourth problem the athlete had encountered on the same day.

(Turkish version of Millionaire screenshot, ? In Seddi in Turkish means the Great Wall of China, and ? In means China. The names of the three countries in B, C and D are India, Korea and Japan.

I know the answer, but I still want to turn to the audience, the sister, Ayhan, replied, making her first help to the brocade.

Ironically, only 51% of the audience gave the right answer (China), while the rest chose India, South Korea and Japan.

Perhaps disappointed at the lack of a clear consensus among the audience, the young lady used her second golden bag: calling a friend. Fortunately, her friend was trustworthy, gave the right answer, and saved Ayhan from the embarrassment of being eliminated. But unfortunately, Ayhan did not go further, and in the next question about a composer of a Turkey pop song, Ayhan was eliminated.

So what kind of education system do you have in Turkey? after the program was broadcast, a twitter user from Beijing shared the news and asked.

In twitter, users in many other countries have also ruthlessly teased Ayhan.

(Su Ayhan, 26, from Istanbul, a brainless beauty, succeeded in becoming popular in Turkey and China in less than five minutes!)

I find it really sad that Ayhan doesnt know where the the Great Wall is, but 51% of the audience knows it. )

As long as I want to, I can use the bag at any time. In the face of criticism, Ayhan responded.

However, it seems obvious to some people that there is deeper anxiety in this matter.

I hope that many of the people in the audience did not answer the question because it was too easy to set up a trap, Ahmed Hakan, a Turkey media writer, said in August 6th. Otherwise, even our new minister of education, Zia Selcuk, could not solve this. A big problem of ignorance.

Coincidentally, this is not the first time that intellectuals from Turkey have made jokes in the millionaire. A Turkey scholar who learned Greek literature and received postdoctoral postdoc at the Harvard University has recently been criticized by social networks for carrying a too simple issue. The 38-year-old scholar was asked in a May program what the Turkish teacher meant when he asked his students to be like flowers?

As many people at Turkey primary school are well known, the correct answer is cross - arms and keep quiet, the report says, but the overconfident player means it means get a firm foothold.

However, the ring still has some understanding of this little sisters idea, who said China the Great Wall must be in China? California beef noodle in the United States is not in the United States of California.

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