Drug addicts make friends circle dazzle gun to bring out provincial governor cross provincial network selling gun case.

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 Drug addicts make friends circle dazzle gun to bring out provincial governor cross provincial network selling gun case.

Through a WeChat friend circle of a drug addict, the Castle Peak police officer was acutely aware of the clues involved. Under the guidance of the Ministry of public security and the provincial public security department, Wuhan police organized a special shift for three months, seized 12 criminal suspects across the province, collected 4 firearms, 6 firearms, 40 bullets, 130 gun fittings, such as cartridges and cartridges, and destroyed a network of trafficking guns across four provinces. Yesterday, the Wuhan police announced the whole story.

The addicts WeChat friend circle dazzle gun

On the evening of April 7th, a resident of Qingshan District came to the eight police stations to give an alarm. The resident told the police that when he was in the dispute, a party, Wu Mou, took out a cloth package of articles to demonstrate, looks like a gun, and provided a screenshot of Wus gun ammunition in a circle of WeChat friends. Qingshan District Public Security Bureau immediately charged the Criminal Investigation Brigade into the investigation.

After investigation by the police, Wu Mou is a drug addict who has been repeatedly attacked by the police. At the end of March, Wu Mou released a picture in his circle of friends, with an imitation Russian 654K pistol and 10 rounds of ammunition. After comparative analysis, the police initially concluded that the picture of Wus friends circle is likely to be a real object. Qingshan police immediately set up a special class to investigate.

Wu has two places of residence in the Qingshan and Jianghan districts. In the evening of April 9th, the police seized Wu Mou in a district in Xinhua Road, Jianghan District, and found a single gun shotgun under the sofa in his home. Wu Mou claimed to be a gun enthusiast, and has always dreamed of a gunpowder powered gun. In his Jianghan District, the police officers search for 1 TT33 type gas pistols, 5 pistol shots and gun tubes. In the residence of the Qingshan District, they are searched for the imitation of Glock 18 type gas pistol 1 and 1 shotgun shells.

The suspect WeChat friend sent the gun information

However, the special class police will search for firearms analysis comparison, but did not find Wu Mou in the circle of friends in the sun.

He met a man named Zheng at the forum. He was good at refitting guns. In March, he bought two 654K gas pistols on the Internet and handed him to Zheng. He helped him to transform it into a gunpowder and power pistol. After Wu Mou was arrested, a friend of WeChat, nicknamed worry, kept sending messages of refitting guns. After investigation, Zheng, 35, lived in the Hanyang district. On the evening of April 11th, the special police arrested Zheng and seized 4 654K pistols and 25 bullets on the spot. Zheng Mou confessed, of these 4 guns, two were Wus, one was his own, and one was entrusted by him to buy from a man in Qingdao, Shandong, at a price of 13 thousand and 500 yuan. The last gun is Wus drying in a friends circle.

At this point, a cross - province trafficking gun network is becoming clearer. In mid April, Wuhan police dispatcher criminal investigation, network investigation and other departments involved. In June, the Ministry of public security listed the case as a case of supervision.

Special police quickly found out that the Qingdao man named Guo Moumou was 35 years old. In May 21st, 3 police officers went to Qingdao. With the help of local police, he decided to live in a district in Jiaozhou. On the day of catching, the rain and the wind were great, and the umbrellas could not hold up. At 6 oclock in the morning, the police came to the community to control, until about 4:30 p.m., Guos lover came home from work, the police came into the house, seized Guo, and collected 1 copies of the imitation 654K gas pistol, 2 ammunition, 22 shots of the pistol bullet from his home.

The Gang made a mistake

According to the Qingshan police investigation, Wu also sold a modified gunpowder 654K pistol to a Jiangxi man Gaomou whom he knew online. Gao sent the gun to Jian, Jiangxi. In June 14th, the police arrested a gunman in Jiangxi and seized a powder powered self-made firearm on the spot. But this gun is not a gun sold by Wu. Gao explained that the gun was kept by his friend Huang. He said he was willing to contact Huang and hand in the guns.

Police arrived at the agreed place of the shooting, that afternoon, Huang drove to the scene, throwing guns from the side window of the co-driver, fled quickly. Police comparison found that Huang actually took the wrong, this gun is not the police tracking firearms. Gao was escorted back to the Han Dynasty. In July 4th, the special police again went to Jian, Jiangxi, to catch Huang. Huang Mou confuses, that gun is in friend Yang Mouchu. In July 12th, the special police arrived in Jian, Jiangxi for the third time. Yang surrendered himself and handed in the imitation 654K pistol on the spot.

So far, a cross provincial gun trafficking network has been completely destroyed. The police have captured 12 suspects, and all the firearms involved have been recovered. At present, 8 people, such as Wu Mou and Gao Mou, have been arrested and approved according to law. The case is under further trial.

On the evening of August 2nd, some netizens broke the news and said that a shooting case occurred in the large gap section of Hui Xi in Zigong, Sichuan. According to people familiar with the matter, the reason was that when three young people returned the car to the rental car shop, the rental car shop found dozens of illegal records of the car. When negotiating with the other party, one of them suddenly pulled out a gun to threaten. At present, two suspects have been arrested, two plastic pistols have been seized, and no casualties have been reported on the scene. The case is being further dealt with.