Lai Qingde said that workers can reflect the low salary.

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 Lai Qingde said that workers can reflect the low salary.

Taiwan, China, August 7th, according to the Tung Sen news cloud in Taiwan, the authorities chief executive of the Executive Academy announced that the average salary of the people of Taiwan in May was nearly 48 thousand (NTD, the same below). When Lai Qing De, the executive director of the Taiwan authorities, received an interview, it was explained that the number was average and must be half of the people. No, but this is a goodwill goal, which aims to make the capital in mind and let the laborers argue when they talk about their salary, and even tell the boss, the salary you give is too low. This remark triggered heated comments from all walks of life, netizens leave messages, and then I stopped working. What do you want to say to the government?

When Lai Qingde received an interview on 6 days, he began to say that he represented 3 gifts for young friends all over the world on behalf of the Executive Yuan. They were reducing the burden of learning loans, large tax reform and pay increase.

When it comes to the salary increase, Lai Qing de said that the Taiwan authorities have paid 3% of the pay for the public servants, and the civil enterprises will respond together. According to the human bank survey, more than 5 enterprises have responded to the salary policy of the Taiwan authorities, with an average salary increase of 3.7%.

Lai Qingde said that the May 1st Labor Day had several economic development indicators, including an average salary of 48 thousand (including monthly salary, bonus, year-end, overtime and performance bonus), economic growth rate 2.86, and the decline in unemployment, which means we have improved compared with last year, the previous year or even the previous period. .

However, when asked about the difference between this statement and the actual feelings of the people, Lai Ching-de laughed and said, This seems to be a miserable thing to me. He explained that the average monthly salary of 48 thousand of the data, is equal to the government and the capital, you have money, and now the average salary is how much, you can not give me too low salary, it is equal to a market, and how the market is like, let our friends, when he is going to talk about salary, hes going to talk about the salary. You can make a claim with the management, and you get too low a salary.

Many netizens heard Lai Qingde say that they can reflect to their boss that the salary you give is too low, and they left messages saying, Then Im out of work?! Really dry words boss: I can give you a lower you will laugh at the beginning of the hearing, laugh and laugh but cry say this is too bad for people to smoke the 2018 strongest joke.

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