A postdoctoral woman was sued by a billionaire husband and family rape for raping 7 people.

 A postdoctoral woman was sued by a billionaire husband and family rape for raping 7 people.

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The princess and the prince lived happily ever after.

However, for the postdoctoral woman, nightmare has just begun.

The Party of the event, called Fu Di, is 41 years old this year.

Her husband, Liu Song, is a billionaire with many businesses.

Fu Di is a postdoctoral fellow at Columbia University. He is a famous doctor and former deputy director and associate professor of Neurology in a third-class hospital in Chongqing. Her husband, Liu Song, is a billionaire with many businesses. They live in the Liangjiang New Area of Chongqing, where they live in super luxury villas. The value of 4 luxury cars in the family is about 14 million yuan.

A luxury car in the house

It has to be said 5 years ago...

In May 20, 2013, this book was a very romantic day, but he paid a divorce on that day.

On the same day, she said the divorce proceedings in Chongqing Yubei District court said that in 2001 she knew the man Liu Song, 15 years older than her. After a year, two people were in the Chongqing Dadukou District Civil Affairs Bureau in February 2002 to register the registration procedures, the next year in April the son was born.

She said in a lawsuit



After marriage, husbands maintain their extramarital sexual relations with others for a long time, which seriously violate the obligation of mutual loyalty between husband and wife.

He is able to use money for a woman around him, and he can not be able to make sexual behavior or harassment to observe his reaction and attitude.

She said that her husband was suspected of raping 3 women before marriage, that is, a woman, Wang, who was raped in 1994 and 1998 to collect money from his home, and a woman and Li who sold books to him at the hotel.

After marriage, the husband was suspected of raping 4 people. In 2004, he had a sexual relationship with her for the help of a woman Wei Wei. In December 2011, in order to help find a mobile phone, rape a baby bear and others.


Extramarital affairs

- more than 10 people were harassed by their husbands, nanny, colleagues, salesmen...

About a year or so after marriage, she found that her husband and some women had sex outside marriage. Among them, there were teachers and employees of his company. He sent them Lexus, Mercedes Benz and so on. In addition, she said there were 10 women who had been sexually harassed by their husbands. They were housekeepers, her female colleagues and air conditioning saleswomen.

The relevant legal documents of the procuratorate of Jiulongpo District in Chongqing and the Kowloon Po District Court in 1998 and 1999 showed that:

In December 1998, Liu Songyin was arrested for raping 3 women. Prosecutors accused him of raping a woman at home who had come to collect money and two women who had sold books in a hotel, all three of whom had a police record. However, Liu Song argued that both sides were acting voluntarily at that time.

After being imprisoned for more than a year,

In January 2000,

The court verdict his innocence with insufficient evidence,

Release it.


In the summer of 2004, she and her husband and others drove to the Black Valley to visit, because of concern for greeting him, but he was inexplicably hit more than a dozen consecutive slaps in the face.

Fu Di wears a helmet and runs out of the villa window

Examples of domestic violence:

In August 8, 2010, furniture moved into a new home. She bought water for the porter, was scolded by her husband and smashed his face with a mobile phone.

In July 2013, her husband chased her with an axe, smashed the door lock, doors and windows of her and her parents rooms, and smashed her with a broken door lock. He also used iron nails to wear my Land Rover tires, trying to cause an accident.

Fu Di clapped her husband on his own glass

She recalls that once her husband and her mother and son had two people out of home, she threatened to demolish the house, bomb the house, do not allow them to go home, and throw their clothes in the security room of the community. Since her husband was born in early July 2013, her mother and son have been living abroad for rent.

When he took me to a school gathering, he used to insult me in front of his classmates. Fu Di said that her husband was insulting her in the face of her parents or nanny, which is a common occurrence.


Hit a 10 year old son

He said, not only that, the husband also carried out domestic violence to his son. In the late September 16, 2009, his sons toothache could not fall asleep, and he cried all the time. Her husband threatened to threaten him with a knife rack on his neck and drove him out of the house.

At noon on April 6, 2013, her husband was in the house because he was not satisfied with his sons order to sleep at night. He pulled his son out of his bedroom for a beating, and the last son called for help.

She said her father and sister were wounded by her husband. After I filed a divorce, he threatened to pay 5 lives for one life.

In order to prevent Liu Song from violence, he said he bought a shield and a Riot Helmet, but he was still injured in the hospital. In April 6, 2013, he was hit by traumatic bleeding in his left eye.

The father-in-law was injured

Chongqing Municipal Public Security Bureau two rivers New District Branch Yuanyang police station multiple cases received receipt acknowledgement:

In 2013, after Liu Song received a divorce summons from the court, he put forward his wife Fu Di to return to the whole. He also took the axe and spade to break the doors and windows and wounded people. When he came to the police station, he was still a policeman, threatening to kill his wife and his family.

After I prosecuted the divorce, in order to achieve the purpose of transferring and hiding the property of husband and wife, he actually registered the identity card of his parents and sisters as the shareholders of the company. Fu Di said that her husband even registered a mental patient as a corporate representative.

The prosecution of divorce requires one hundred million yuan of cash

In the divorce proceedings, he asked the court to decide that she was divorced from her husband Liu Song. His son was raised by himself. He asked the other party to pay 2 million yuan for the maintenance fee once. After that, her sons tuition and medical expenses were 50% of the invoice. At the same time, she asked the other party to pay 100 million yuan of her cash, and split the corresponding property of her husbands company. The two companies after her husbands marriage have a 50% stake.

At present, the case in the two cases has been decided. In August 1st, the Yubei court decided to resume the trial in August 7th this year to hear the divorce case.

At 3 p.m. on July 29th, the 21 year old Hubei woman Xiao Lu reported that she had been raped in a guesthouse on Linping street. On the way to the police, the Linping police station received a phone call from Xiao Lu. This time, she claimed that it was okay. The police are not at ease and continue to send the past events to the hotel.