Children are inflated in the inflatable castle? Original author: a fictional plot in a novel

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 Children are inflated in the inflatable castle? Original author: a fictional plot in a novel

Subsequently, the Internet also evolved a rumour that street childrens inflatable castle is a new means of stealing children. Is this true? Is Chen cacao abducted event is true or false?

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The author of Jiefang Daily, a newspaper reporter, found that the author of the disappearance of the inflatable castle has publicly declared that it is just a fictional story. But what is not expected is that the media has added some cases of children abducted under the original story, making the character of the text changed, and the novel becomes a so-called real event. The author apologized to netizens for the rumors that the inflatable castle was a new way to steal children.

Reporter search found that the gas Castle missing incident article from the end of July began to circulate on the Internet. As the story tells of the horror story of the child being abducted, the media has added some anti abduction notes after the article. Many parents send these articles to various groups and friends circle to remind you. Among them, the reading number of many articles reaches 100000+.

Many netizens have doubts about the authenticity of this article. Friends @ Korean * wood put forward three questions: first, how children fall into the trap, public places are large, not only one child disappeared; second, the gang flee the case, the childs father only one year later to find the air castle in the dark path, this is uncommon; third, the text of the childs body It is full of needle holes but without any explanation. This plot will only increase readers panic. Therefore, @ Han * Mu querying this article is random creation.

So where does this article come from? A net friend found out that it was first published on a story class App in July 2nd. The authors net name, Yang Da rabbit, was clearly marked at the beginning, the author has a saying: this story is purely fictitious. In the later version, this sentence has been deleted.

The picture comes from a thousand miles from the Internet.

In July 31st, micro-blog V, Jiangning Public Security Online, said: through multiple verification, it is possible to confirm that the content of the article is purely fictitious, and there is no child in the country who is missing the condition. The article is written by an author on a short story App.

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In August 1st, the author of the article and Sina micro-blog netizens the fantastic writer Yang Da hare released the original authors rumor by micro-blog. Because love is deep, so I believe it! Article 1, this is a rumor and a public apology. The reporter noted that in micro-blog, the author tagged himself as a fantasy writer, and said, I never thought my novel, the inflatable castle disappearance, would be used as a real event. I was worried and frightened by the screen brushing. I was worried that the novel would affect society and cause confusion when it was added real cases by some public names. These two days I searched and searched the key words on the Internet, and found that the amount of communication was really huge, so we contacted the public number, micro-blog, post bar, and asked them to make up their fictitious annotations, or to delete them directly.

Part of the original text of the authors micro-blog

The author applied to a story App for an email to be deleted

As for why to write this article, @ fantasy writer Yang big rabbit announced its inspiration: one night, I saw several large inflatable castles in the playground of a square, with many children playing, and the adults waiting outside. The paving boss clearly posted take care of the children, otherwise the responsibility is conceited at the entry point of the inflatable castle. At that time I was a bit nervous, so many children, the big people are not inside, all in the outside chatting, playing mobile phones, inflatable castles so big, one can not see the chance will give bad people the opportunity. The huge doll figures in the inflatable castle also worried me that if they were hollow, they might be able to enter the children. If a bad person takes advantage of this, there will be child trafficking. I thought it was necessary to remind you, so I expressed this possibility in fiction and marked the story as fiction.

The author declares. Picture source: Network

As for a series of misunderstandings and panic caused by this article, the author has expressed his self reflection. If a novel writing about social problems is written in the future, it will be clearly marked as a fictional story so as to avoid the rebirth of the rumor. Reporters noted that at present, the Internet can be found in a number of related articles behind, has claimed to be the authors own network ID reply This is a fictional story. In July 31st, the author used the internet name of @ Yang Xiaoxu 01 to reply in Baidus post: Im the author, ladies and gentlemen, Im the author. This article is a novel. Its fictional. The main idea is to remind you not to chat and play a cell phone only in a lot of places. Im sorry for the trouble you have.

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A public apology statement

Editor: Zhang Yiwen

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