Zhang Xinyus husband, a counter-terrorism elite, was called South of the Five Ridgess fierce tiger.

 Zhang Xinyus husband, a counter-terrorism elite, was called South of the Five Ridgess fierce tiger.

In August 5th, Zhang Xinyu, a female star, released his marriage news in personal micro-blog, and became a glorious military spouse.

Zhang Xinyus husband, He Jie, is an anti-terrorism elite from the Armed Police Force. He was appraised by his comrades-in-arms as a fierce tiger in Lingnan, and the enemy is afraid to hear it. In everyones impression, marrying a soldier is a matter of great courage. Why did Zhang Xinyu choose soldiers? She gave the answer in micro-blog, theres only one reason: marry him, marry love.

I am a soldier, is not the same, the head on the border of the moon, wearing rain and snow wind and frost. say real, I have love, often miss that dream of her... The quality of military personnel is to shoulder responsibility and sacrifice everything for love. But therefore, marrying a soldier, no matter what industry, is not an easy choice, but also requires great courage and commitment. Therefore, we must give a big praise to all the military wives and sisters who know their heroes.

From ancient times to now, the most bitter and tired look of love is in military marriage. For example, play the yellow warbler, do not teach the crow. When the crow surprised concubine dream, do not get west of Liao. The Tang poem spring complaint describes a husband who sleeps in the west of Liaoning to see the border in western Liaoning, but is awakened by the chirp of the yellow warbler outside the window. Many of the modern military wives are also worried about the feelings depicted in this poem. It is not easy for most sisters-in-law to see the other half in the army, although they are in peace today. Even for a few days of reunion, he or she should always be prepared to follow the call. As a result, every message, every phone call of everyday contact is very precious, the call time is always decided by the whistle, the end of the chat is always gather, name, whistle. Each meeting is a minute time, the meeting is the beginning of the countdown; when the other person is ill, he is often the last one. The man of the Tao ...

In military marriage there is also the sweetest and happiest look of love. Because this feeling, not only love, but also righteousness. When the military wife is glorious, it is not only because the other half of the military uniform makes people feel handsome and handsome, but also because the brave heart beats to protect the country and is a good man on the top of the sky. They knew that choosing to become a military spouse, they chose the same heartbeat with their husbands. For the soldiers who are ready for the moment, the resolutely start the backpack and start can not be separated from the profound righteousness and self-reliance of the armys sister in law. Taking off the military uniform is like the deliking skin, can not be separated from the hand in hand and the sacrifice of the army. The most beautiful retrograde in the crisis is the call of the mission. It is the strength and traction of the power of love.