Kill fish brother drink paraquat suicide: kidney damage has entered uremia period

 Kill fish brother drink paraquat suicide: kidney damage has entered uremia period

8 years ago, he was popular in killing fish in his fish shop.

The first two days, he was scolded by his father for quarrelling with others

Drink the paraquat and commit suicide.

Although the doctors took various rescue measures, the situation is still not optimistic. Xiao Meng was transferred to Qilu Hospital of Shandong University on 4.

After two days of treatment, although the current situation is stable, but the next week is the key moment, perhaps the disease will slowly increase, but will do the best to save the patient.

Jian Xiangdong, director of the hospitals toxicosis and occupational disease department, said the results showed that the small Mencius kidney was seriously damaged, had entered the period of uremia, the lung was also damaged, and comprehensive treatment was being taken, and all efforts would be made to save the patient.

The reason for the medicine: a dispute with the family

Mom, Id rather kill fish in the market every day than I want to lie here.

In the afternoon of July 31st, the son had a quarrel because of the purchase of the goods and the neighbors, because they were all relatives. She and her husband had a few quarrels. The neighbouring neighbours followed him, and the result was counterproductive. Little Meng Yufa felt he was wronged, so he went home and drank the paraquat.

It is understood that because paraquat is difficult to swallow, Xiao Meng also mixed ice black tea and white water. Xiao Mengs mother told reporters that she heard her son say that he drank twenty or thirty milliliters of mixed liquid.

Xiao Mengs idea of suicide was estimated to have been brewing for a long time. This bottle of pesticide was bought from a moving booth half a month ago. The pressure of life and more annoyances, and his husband often quarrel with her husband, two or three times a day, in such a environment, to small Mencius caused great psychological pressure.

We were so busy doing business all day that we didnt realize he was a child and needed to be cared for. This quarrel might have been just a fuse. Xiao Mengs mother said that she felt very guilty when she saw her son lying in bed. She hoped that he would get better soon and that she could not quarrel with him for the sake of his children.

8 years ago, the killing of the fish brother red all over the network

Speaking of this kill fish brother, many people must have an impression.

In 2010, a web post quickly turned red: a few photos recorded a little boy skilled in selling fish and killing fish, killing a lot of netizens with sharp eyes, and killing the fish brother.

Little age! Thats great!

Good, not spoiled!

The child should be the first to study.

What do you do in the future when you get out so early?


With appreciation and controversy, killing fish became a hot Internet celebrity.

Xiao Mengs hometown in Shandong Province, Lan Ling County, parents sold aquatic products to Suzhou more than 10 years ago. He also went to Suzhou with his parents. After the popularity of the Internet, more and more people went to buy fish in Xiaomengs shop. Later, Xiaomengs father even renamed his own aquatic product shop Fish Killers.

Life has not improved after being red

Sometimes I go to school in three days and sometimes I go back in the morning and come back in the afternoon. What does his father say about reading? Only work to make money. The child did not want to read it himself, to tell the truth, he could not read it at all.

In 2013, he was suspected of being beaten by his father. His eyes were seriously injured and he was almost removed. So, is this small wonder that drinking pesticides is also related to domestic violence?

Xiao Mengs mother told reporters that after the child was big, he had not played him too much. After dropping out of school, he had been closed. Little Mencius had almost no friend to dissolve. He was 17 years old, and the quarrel between parents and children became more and more into the present situation.

Meng mother said that no matter how expensive it was, if there was a chance of life, they would save the children. It is understood that 4 pm, Xiao Meng has transferred to Qilu Hospital in Shandong.

Psychological expert analysis, this Meng Meng suddenly choose to commit suicide, may have a lot to do with childhood.

Psychologist Li Min:

For a child at the age of ten, he is at an age of innocence. His eyes should be full of innocence and joy. In those days, this picture of crouching on the ground killing fish, Xiao Mengs solemn expression, the sharp eyes projected, let many people see all heart pity.

Expert analysis, perennial parents live in the place where there is no definite place, and live in a mixed place in the vegetable field, and even if the small Mencius is not willing, he also has to bear the responsibility to take care of the business. This growth environment makes it almost impossible for children to feel the warmth of their families.

In addition, Xiao Meng has not completed nine-year compulsory education as well as children of the same age, and the lack of formal education will also affect the ability to act. In the face of parental discipline, Meng may appear to have been restrained on the surface, but his inner anger is always gathering.

Father responded: he didnt break his eyes

I bought a black fish from a fish farm in the vegetable market and bought 100 pounds of black fish every day to sell it. It turned out to be 11.5, and these two days it was 11.3. My son didnt know, so he went to the checkout, and gave him 11.5, and they quarreled. When I quarrelled, I went to my son for a while, and my wife made a few remarks. He was angry and drank the medicine in one breath.

We bought a paraquat in our store selling pesticide, and I heard it was bought by my daughter for more than a month.

According to his fathers response, these two years were not good enough for their parents. The young man was seventeen and eight years old, and the pressure of life was on him. Father also responded to the story about breaking the eye of the killer after the 2013 quarrel: his eyes were injured by red firecrackers in 2012.

The net friend said:

@Erueka-: a lot of things are actually the reasons for the parents, the child becomes nothing but the relationship between their parents and the children themselves, their parents education and ideas.

@ forget the time before: the saddest thing in the world is that we have no choice of parental rights.

Flying saucer said: young dropout to help the family to kill fish and fish for the family, but also suffer from domestic violence, grow up character closed, no friends, such a life is more bitter than paraquat. @ Taoist Chen from Maoshan: what pesticide is bad, paraquat, no rescue, you can only pray you drink a fake @ fifty-two Hertz deep sea elf: who would want to kill the fish at such a small age? Short-skirted Nim Fish: Poor not to have been born in a good family @JDRDJ_Huaiye: Theres a lot to say but its sad to say. Alas... The tragedy of killing the fish is also a tragedy about family education @ all things are all in silence: too much consumption of children, but not a good treatment of this source: the editor of the responsibility of the Qilu Evening News: Cao Yi _NN5778

Flying saucer said: young dropout to help the family to kill fish and fish for the family, but also suffer from domestic violence, grow up character closed, no friends, such a life is more bitter than paraquat.

@ Taoist Chen from Maoshan: what pesticide is not good, drink paraquat, it is hopeless, can only pray that you drink is fake medicine.

@ the deep sea spirit of fifty-two Hertz: at such a young age, who would want to kill fish?

@ Nimes fish wearing short skirts: poor, not born in a good family.

@JDRDJ_ huaiye: there are many things I want to say, but to my lips, there is nothing left but lamentable. Alas...

The tragedy of killing fish brothers is also a tragedy about family education.

Everything is calm and self satisfied: excessive consumption of children, but not good treatment.