Quan Jian 50 million Europe raises a white eyed wolf? All of them blame Po Lios EQ too high and send BMW back.

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 Quan Jian 50 million Europe raises a white eyed wolf? All of them blame Po Lios EQ too high and send BMW back.

On the evening of August 6th in Beijing, more than one official Xuan Wei se se joined the team, signed for 4 years. At this point, the soap opera that went on for the whole summer, where did it go finally came to an end.

1 months ago, when the Belgians represented the world cup on behalf of the country, the Chinese fans, especially the Quan Jian fans, were all rejoiced, really happy for you!!! Tianjin Quan Jian, you have a triumph, the next goal is to wear the gold medal of the champion of the crown! Im relieved to hear you say wellbeback.

Such a script, many Chinese fans continue to sigh: I saw this episode last year.

Evergrande fans are deeply interested in sending off violent birds

1 years ago, the Chinese Super summer window closed, the League resumed, and Barcelona threw an olive branch to Paul Leo. Finally, in the negotiations between the Barcelona and the violent birds, the Spanish giants activated 40 million of the Brazilians breach of contract, forcibly digging out the violent birds from the seven crown.

1 years later, Dortmund took the Belgian international in the same way, 20 million of the penalty.

The two transfers are exactly the same, but the direction of public opinion of Chinese fans is completely the opposite.

When the violent bird went away from the Nou Camp, the Evergrande fans gave him countless blessings: we cant say goodbye, hope you play well in Barcelona, the Guangzhou Hengda gate is always open to you; the Belgians are not so lucky, and their social media are full of Chinese fans abuse. Its like a breakup between lovers. After being split up, both of them will never meet with the passers-by.

Why? Is the quality of Hengda fans higher than that of Quan Jian fans? Is the seven crown fans so strong that they can support the boat?

In fact, long before leaving, with the help of Evergrande staff, Poly opened a social media account in China to greet Evergrande fans. When he left, he recorded the video to the Evergrande fans to express their guilt and disapproval. Thank you very much for the 2 years in Guangzhou. I really enjoyed spending 2 years here, thanks to everyone, hope to come back one day again.

Pre parted video before leaving

In addition, as at that time, such as BMW can not take away, violent birds were also sent to his portable translation. Even in the remote Iberian Peninsula, peniho was always concerned about the competition at Hengda. One time, the Brazilian even asked the Evergrande translator for a live link to the teams match in the early morning, and such an act was also painted at the time.

After 1 months of departure, when the violent bird hit the first ball and helped Barcelona to kill his opponent, he did not forget the old host 5000 kilometers away: a difficult game, thank you for your support and care! With you...

The pain of Witt Sals fans

Compared with Hengda fans dislike and blessing to Brazilians, Quan fan fans did not buy Witt Sals departure.

Before the world cup, when the right team asked the Witt Sal team to renew their pay offer, the Belgian gave the answer particularly positive. After the end of the world cup, after knowing that the center of the midfield of the team was intentional, right was also the first time to contact Witt Sal.

At this time, the middle super summer window has been closed, the team league defeat, the final game is coming, even before the world cup, the club also let the Belgians back in advance to train, but all these things are all gone under the drive of egoism.

At the beginning of 2017, it was the Tianjin right to use 20 million European cabbage for the promotion horse of the league, which signed the Belgian national foot that even Bayern and uwen were coveted. Obviously, the 3 year 50 million euro fat contract is the most important part of the Belgian people. In order to make the Belgians determined to join the team, kicking the ball in China, the high level is also a step back in the amount of defaulting gold, and finally signed a clause of declining gold bars year by year, 40 million Europe in the first year, 20 million Europe in second years, and 10 million Europe in third years.

It was with such a rude and unreasonable overlord clause that he finally landed in Tianjin and joined the new super league.

Therefore, for Witt Sals sudden departure, Quan Jian is not without responsibility. Its only a pity that when the right health is reacting to the top, I want to continue to tie the Belgians with a pay increase and find that everything is so weak, and eventually its worth the contract. People want to go, DOR wants to buy, you love me, even if you are strong and healthy.

Does Victor really dont love money?

In Quankan, 50 million Euros in three years, with an annual salary of 18 million Euros; in Dort, 7.5 million Euros a year; and Wittessel, without 10 million Euros to go to the bumblebee? Unbelievable!

Witt Sal and his family

After all, Bayern Munich and Juventus also offered Vitessel an annual salary of about 6 million Euros before they came to the club, which seems to be little different. Is it the influence of dote over Bayern Juve that Belgians break their waist?

There is a good word, the money can make the ghost, Witt Sal is also a family member, to the time of time, he pledged: the price of the health of our family is too difficult to refuse. Joining the Chinese Super League is based on a lifestyle considerations, for me and my family, this is a good opportunity to increase life experience.

This is a good understanding. In the 1 years in the Chinese Super League, it is equal to 3 years in Europe. Now it has played 2 seasons and the Belgians at least have tens of millions of European hands. This time you have to think about their dreams.

Witt Sals annual salary is only 10 million euros up and down, up to 10 million euros, far from 18 million euros, said Zhu Yi, the head of the German transfer market. So Wittessels annual salary of Euro 7.5 million plus bonuses for the Hornets, in fact, wont make much less in a season than he does at Kwon Jian.

This also proves that, for a long time, it is not always possible to live in love.

Compared to Evergrande old Barrios, now Witt Sal has been much better, after all, in the spirit of the spirit of contract in Europe, people have fulfilled the contract rules, I go, give you money, and after people leave, I do not forget to thank: after 18 months in China, I want everyone Xie Tianjin to bring me to bring to me. Wonderful experience. We have created a good memory together. Thanks to all the fans, staff and team, lets spend an unforgettable time together. It will be the best in the coming season and in the future. I believe that all of you will continue to move forward and make great achievements. Full of love and gratitude.

As Han Han said, children are right and wrong, adults only see the pros and cons. Did Victor really make a mistake? Quan Jianzhen has a white eye wolf?

The source of this article is NetEase sports writer: Xu Zexin, _BJS4919 editor of Ozawa San Jin.