Chicago staged a bloody weekend: two days, 63 people shot 10 people died

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 Chicago staged a bloody weekend: two days, 63 people shot 10 people died

CNN (CNN) 6 reported that from last Friday night, Chicago began to appear sporadic violence, Friday, Saturday, two days more than 20 shooting incidents. By Sunday, the citys gangsters evil forces became more rampant, and the unlawfully lawless made the gun, and the sound of gunfire in the West and the south of the poor public security. Statistics show that 44 people were shot and 5 died on Sunday alone, most of them within hours of midnight to early morning on Sunday. On Friday and Saturday, 63 people were shot and 10 died in Chicago this weekend. Among the victims, the oldest is 62 years old, the youngest is only 11 years old, and about 15 victims are minors.

According to the preliminary investigation, a number of gun cases happened on the weekend were related to the clashes of the gang. The criminals used the characteristics of many people in the summer street to carry out the vengeance plan with the crowd as a cover, causing a lot of incidental injury. Although many local citizens have long been blamed for the shooting, but a number of minors unreasonably implicated people are still indignant. A clergyman said, our community is suffering from bloodbath. Im not going to organize any marches and protests, but I want people to be more or less conscious of letting our children live. Eyewitnesses reported that some of the mobs were extraordinarily arrogant after the crime - they didnt even bother to run and swaggered off the scene on foot. Because of the number of wounded, Chicago individual hospital at the end of the weekend stopped receiving other emergency patients; many hospital emergency rooms were blocked by injured relatives and friends, and had to limit the flow.

Washington Post 6 reported that Trumps chief lawyer, former mayor of New York Giuliani, Giuliani published the same day, to attack the Democratic Party by violence in Chicago. He said that the high crime rate in Chicago is a direct result of the Democratic Partys one party dictatorship for decades. He is also a high-profile endorser of Chicagos mayoral candidate, Gary McCarthy, who believes that the latter is far better than the current mayor Emanuel in crime control. He also used Trumps idiosyncratic sentence to call, make Chicago safe again! the analysis pointed out that Giulianis remarks were ulterior motives - a violent attack by violence against political opponents, which had been the tradition of the Republican Party for decades.

Chicago is a high incidence of violent crime in the United States due to the overflow of guns and gangs, the incidence rate is higher than the national average. Among them, the murder rate in 2016 was more than the sum of Losangeles and New York. The trend shows that summer is the high incidence of criminal activities in Chicago. For example, last year, the citys citizens struggled through a bloody July: in the early days of the National Day holiday, 102 people were killed in the city and 14 people were killed; only a week later, the city reopened the bloody weekend mode, a total of 56 people and 11 people died.