Huawei cloud releases modelarts edge smart station, the industrys first AI edge training and reasoning scheme

 Huawei cloud releases modelarts edge smart station, the industrys first AI edge training and reasoning scheme

Tian Qi, chief scientist of Huawei cloud artificial intelligence field, released modelartsedge intelligent station

Extension of modelarts public cloud services at the edge side

In October 2018, Huawei cloud launched a one-stop AI development platform modelarts, which is positioned as a whole process platform that enables developers to get started faster, train faster and deploy faster; in September 2019, modelarts was fully upgraded and released more than ten new features and services; in March 2020, it launched the worlds first enterprise level professional AI application development suite modelartspro, enabling AI application developers in the industry.

As an extension of modelarts platform services at the edge side, modelarts edge smart station has the ability to deliver complete modelarts platform services in an integrated full stack mode.

Modelartsedge smart station and Huawei cloud modelarts platform maintain three unification: unified hardware platform, unified software architecture and unified platform services. The smart station is deployed in the customer data center to ensure security and compliance through physical isolation. Users can complete the distribution of training tasks through the cloud, and data storage, training, reasoning are completed in the client room. At the same time, the service capability of the intelligent small station is synchronized with that of Huawei cloud, which can expand smoothly and quickly according to the business scenarios, and keep the technology leading continuously.

Full stack AI development service capacity sinks

Modelartsedge intelligent station, with the unified architecture of Huawei cloud, inherits the mature large-scale commercial architecture of public cloud. It is stable, reliable, open and compatible, and can provide customers with the service experience consistent with modelarts on Huawei cloud.

Modelartsedge smart station can be completed within 8 hours after connecting to the cloud, and can automatically complete image creation within 10 minutes. It has the ability to synchronize the development of the whole stack and the whole process. The deployment of high-order features such as prefabricated algorithm can be completed at the same time. The installation is free and the configuration process is simple. The AI development service is synchronized with the cloud version, and the development experience is consistent. The cloud AI service capability is available out of the box.

In terms of operation and maintenance, modelartsedge can be connected to Huawei cloud operation and maintenance center through special line, and Huawei cloud professional team can conduct unified operation and maintenance, liberate customers from facility operation and maintenance, focus on core business, reduce operation and maintenance costs, and achieve customer value.