Coach of Guangzhou mens basketball team at the end of the season

 Coach of Guangzhou mens basketball team at the end of the season

Most of the time of yesterdays game, Guangzhou team was in the lead. At the last moment, point guard Chen Yingjun missed four consecutive penalties and fouled his opponents outside projection, which also led to the game being dragged into overtime. Finally, Guangzhou team lost the game regretfully.

The players are still working hard and well prepared for the game, but the last two minutes need to be summed up. Guangzhou team coach Ding Wei said.

After this battle, all the matches of Guangzhou team in this season have been finished, and the teams record is set as 10-36. In the whole second round, the teams record was 3-12, compared with last seasons 23-23 record, the team is still backward this year.

Throughout the season, the team has experienced Juan, Larry drew and Ding Wei as three managers. Because of the epidemic, Larry drew didnt have the chance to lead the team. Ding Wei, the local coach, was the coach who took over from drew. At the same time, the team used Nicholson, Sikes and hunt in the whole season, but the team has not found the right combination of foreign aid.

The main purpose of the teams promotion in the postseason is to improve the teams recovery after the outbreak. At the beginning of the second round, the team had defeated such strong teams as Liaoning and Guangxia, but in the later stage, the team still exposed the disadvantages of being young and inexperienced, and suffered ten consecutive losses.

The whole second round was a bit like a roller coaster. In fact, we had enough training during the epidemic. There was a foreign aid hunter in the team, and Guo Kai recovered from injury, which was helpful to our overall tactics. Ding Wei said, at the beginning, everyone was in a good mood. Lets not talk about the victory or defeat. At least, every game gives people hope. But the last few games let us feel that the efforts and efforts of our coaching group are gone. As a coach, we will feel very frustrated. Of course, being a coach is like this. You should do your best and do your duty.

From Ding Weis words, how much can feel as the managers frustration, talking about the future plan, he also said that it is not clear.

This season, the goal of Guangzhou team is to train new players. Guo Kai, Tian Yuheng, Jia Mingru and other players have made some progress. But the growth of young players is not overnight, they need more time to be polished.