Liu Xinran comments on the performance of Liaoning basketball team in the second round

 Liu Xinran comments on the performance of Liaoning basketball team in the second round

Key word 1: Inheritance

The successor will inherit the precious wealth

Liu Xinran said that the pressure of Liaoning mens basketball coaches and players was too great to breathe. Guo Shiqiangs guidance of leaving sacrificed himself, not only took away his own pressure, but also the pressure of the whole team, but also took away the precious wealth left by Liaoning team in these years. The teams perfect tactical system, personnel structure and excellent style and tradition are all left behind. Martinez and Yang Ming, who took over the team, also inherited these

Key word 2: release

After the high pressure, it will release huge energy

In Liu Xinrans view, after the high pressure, the release will inevitably be the release of huge energy, which is an objective law, and the release is mainly reflected in the teams overall and individual aspects: we can see that the teams overall offensive system is more fluent, more people are on the court, and there are more scoring points. Defensive intensity has also come up, including young players get more exercise, which has a lot to do with Yang Ming and Martinez, the latter has brought great changes to the Liao basketball team. Firstly, it inherits the precious wealth left by Guo Shiqiang, which not only reduces the pressure of the team members, but also excavates the potential of the team members. Yang Ming in the team is more like a spiritual leader, as a player is the same, although he can not be on the scene command, but he and Martinez is a perfect match.

In terms of individual release, Liu Xinran first mentioned he Tianju, after Xiaohe returned from injury, many people expect him to return to the peak. In the second stage, Xiao Hes performance completely dispelled everyones doubts. In terms of data, he scored double points in 10 consecutive games and averaged 2.3 three-point goals per game. Xiaohes state is like a layer of window paper, which is completely broken at this stage The second mentioned is foreign aid Mayo. When he first arrived at the team, many people also had some doubts. Mayos experience and consciousness are certainly no problem. But in terms of state and physical fitness, after all, he is older and has not participated in high-level league matches for a long time. Is he suitable for Liaoning team? Judging from these games, Mayo is very suitable for Liaoning team. He is not only very good in experience and consciousness, but also in his state and ability, including the ability to score at critical moments, fully conforms to the rhythm of CBA. Mayo is very suitable for team basketball. He has a very high quotient. He can not only score by himself, but also help his teammates score. He knows when to take possession of the ball and when not

Key words 3 and 4: shadow, calm

What we can do in the face of shadow is to face it calmly

At the end of the second round, Li Xiaoxus accidental injury cast a shadow over the Liaoning basketball team in the playoffs. Liu Xinran believes that Li Xiaoxus failure to appear does not mean the lack of a person, but represents the lack of the entire tactical system, internal defense barriers and personnel thickness rotation. Xiaoxus injury is a difficult problem for Liaoning team to overcome in the playoffs. The position of position 4 is very important. If the guard is like the engine of a car, and the interior line is the needle for fixing the sea, then position 4 is like a central axis, which is a very important position for the internal and external connection of the team. Liaoning team lacks this axis, so it will be very difficult to play against other teams. He Tianju on position 4 will replace Xiao Xu, the young player Wang Huadong also has to take more responsibility in the playoffs

The last key word is calm, Liaoning mens basketball team has experienced ups and downs this season. The results at the beginning of the season are not very good, and then they rebound strongly. At the beginning of the second round, the state declines, and then it has won nine consecutive victories. It can be said that it is very bumpy, but the only constant is that all the officers and men will never give up the belief of tenacious struggle. Now that we are at this stage, as Li Xiaoxu said on social media - life always goes against our wishes, the only thing we can do is face it calmly.