Liu Shiwen needs a meal ticket to go to the canteen of Olympic Village

 Liu Shiwen needs a meal ticket to go to the canteen of Olympic Village

The knives and Forks not found in the stands, small TV and certificates

When I first entered the national team, I was very happy when I went out to play World Games and got a medal. Slowly, later, I failed in the second place. This process was very cruel. Most of the time, its not easy to win once. We have to deal with difficulties and setbacks all day. At the 2012 London Olympic Games, Liu Shiwen was a substitute with the P card of Chinese womens table tennis. Substitutes cant enter the field after the match starts. If they want to watch the ball, they can only climb up the high stand or watch the game through the small TV in the training hall.

Liu Shiwen only entered the field when she was training with her teammates before the game started. The first time she stepped into the main stadium, she was very excited. The lights and the five ring signs make the venue so competitive. At that time, I said, I am so excited that I want to play the game right now! Liu Shiwen said: its a great honor to watch teammates Ding Ning and Li Xiaoxia enter the singles competition. Its a great honor to be able to participate in the Olympic Games. I dont have the idea of what will happen if I lose. Its my dream to be able to enter that venue

This is my whole Olympics.. After the womens team finals began, Liu Shiwen in the training hall pointed to the small TV and said that soon after her teammates won the womens team championship for China team, Liu Shiwen stood at the entrance of the main stadium, and she was happy with her, I was very happy and excited at the moment of winning the championship, and I practiced with you in place.. Liu Shiwen felt that her strength was reflected in the Olympic Games. At that moment, my mood was actually very complicated. I also had the ability. When my teammates walked into the field and put on the gold medal, I paid a lot. Why cant I?. Thinking like this, Liu Shiwen cried.

Looking back on Liu Shiwens competition cycle of 2012 London Olympic Games, although she had a blowout of results in 2009 after being inspired by the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, she lost the team after losing five team games in three years. She lost to Jiang Huajun in the Group World Cup semi-final in 2009, and Wang Yuegu and Feng Tianwei in the final of the World Table Tennis Championships in Moscow in 2010 At the end of the Guangzhou Asian Games, the womens team lost to Shi Hejing. In 2012, Liu Shiwen often had the terrible idea of what would happen if she lost. In her own words, she was too afraid to lose again. At that time, she would not be able to get rid of the fear of losing in the game. From this time line of Liu Shiwens own, the 2012 London Olympic Games gave her great strength and courage, and the desire to participate in the Olympic Games illuminated the shadow of fear of losing in her heart.

In the competition cycle of London Olympic Games, Liu Shiwen, who is green and astringent, has experienced ups and downs.

Get out of the shadow of group and continue to practice singles

Liu Shiwen, together with Li Xiaoxia and Ding Ning, won the womens team championship for China in the Rio Olympic Games. She is eager to appear in the singles arena of the next Olympic Games.

Just entered the Rio Olympic cycle, Liu Shiwens team game memory is full of lose and cold bench brought about by the bad. At the beginning of 2013, at the end of the 2012-2013 season of the Table Tennis Super League, Liu Shiwen, as the No.1 main force of Shanxi Datuhe East China Science and technology club, helped the team to win the League Championship and said: winning the League gave me a deep feeling. At the moment when I got the last point, I felt as excited as when I won the world cup singles champion for the first time, even stronger than that, because Its the first time Ive played in a team game and won the championship Because she was the first team champion to be played by herself, Liu Shiwen held the league championship trophy and felt extremely precious. Then Liu Shiwen began to challenge her goals in singles and team competitions, one by one.

After reaching the final of the World Table Tennis Championships in Paris in 2013, Liu Shiwen has made a breakthrough in the world table tennis championships. However, she lost to Li Xiaoxia 2-4 in the end and failed to achieve her goal of winning the championship set before the competition. At that time, she needed better results in both singles and team competitions in the World Table Tennis Championships in order to hold more chips in the competition for the Rio Olympics.

In 2014, Liu Shiwen ushered in the world table tennis championships and the Asian Games, and she seized the opportunity. Fully and delightfully as like as two peas in the final of the womens League in the Tokyo World Table Tennis Championships, Liu Shiwens second Asian team finals, like Moscows World Table Tennis Championships 4 years ago, were still second to 0 when she came on the stage. She lost another game under heavy pressure, which is exactly the same as Moscow World Table Tennis Championships. Four years ago, Liu Shiwen collapsed under great pressure, and one person lost two points. However, in Incheon, Liu Shiwen won three games in a row and achieved a 3-1 reversal by grasping the key points. At the same time, she sounded the clarion call of the Chinese teams counterattack. Liu Shiwen finally passed the group game.

Before the Rio Olympics, Liu Shiwen proved herself in the team competition in Kuala Lumpur.

In 2015, Liu Shiwen entered the womens singles final of the World Table Tennis Championships for the second time, losing to Ding Ning 3-4. Even though she broke through one set more than herself two years ago, she was still a big step away from her goal of winning the championship. After another year of dormancy and tempering, Liu Shiwen has finally become a shining star in the 2016 Group World Table Tennis Championships. She is no longer the bench in the final of the 2012 group championship, nor the third in the 2014 team competition. She was the first to appear in the final of the Kuala Lumpur team competition, making a good start for the Chinese team with 3-0. She played with confidence and release, both passion and domineering, Liu Shiwen was very happy after the game. At that time, there was only one Olympic qualifying test before the Rio Olympics.

Rio, Liu Shiwen finally stood in the Olympic arena she had been longing for.

Liu Shiwens birthday was on April 12, the day of the draw for the Rio Olympics. When asked about her birthday wishes in an interview, she said, I hope to participate in the Rio Olympics and win the championship for China. Unexpectedly, the next day, Liu Shiwen lost 2-4 in the first round of the competition, finishing her preliminary contest in a hurry and leaving the field in this test. Although Liu Shiwen was only qualified to participate in group competitions at the Rio Olympics, she continued to encourage herself with her dream, saying: I went to the Olympic venues in 2012, and I still remember the atmosphere of the Olympic Games. My desire to participate in the Olympic Games has not changed at all. In Rio, Liu Shiwen finally stood in the Olympic arena she had been longing for for, and won the womens team championship for China with her teammates. This Olympic journey, which is further involved in than London Olympic Games, makes Liu Shiwens longing and desire for the Olympic Games more urgent.

Source: table tennis world editor: Cao Liqiao_ NS1806