The first share of the registration system of GEM has been fixed: shareholders need to re sign the trading authority of gem

 The first share of the registration system of GEM has been fixed: shareholders need to re sign the trading authority of gem

According to the relevant regulations, under the pilot registration system of gem, new regulations will be implemented on the auction trading of all the stock stocks on the gem from the first day of listing. Among them, the price limit of 20% will be implemented in competitive trading.

According to the special provisions of gem trading, under the gem registration system, there is no price rise or decrease for newly listed enterprises five days before listing, and then the price limit is adjusted from the current 10% to 20%. The daily rise and fall of stock companies expanded to 20%.

On the evening of July 27, the official wechat official account of Shenzhen Stock Exchange issued. On July 27, 2020, Beijing Fengshang century culture media Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Fengshang Culture) and Yangling Meichang New Material Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Meichang) disclosed their prospectuses and planned to issue new shares and go public in Shenzhen stock market in the near future.

The stock codes of the first batch of new shares under the two registration systems, Fengshang culture and Meichang, were 300860 and 300861 respectively, with the maximum issuance of 18.02 million shares and 40.01 million shares. Therefore, Fengshang culture and 300860 are also considered to be the first share and the first code of gem registration system. Xiyu tourism, the last new stock of gem under the approval system, was issued on July 27 with the code of 300859.

Fengshang culture, founded in 2002, has been deeply engaged in the industry for many years, and is one of the enterprises with complete business qualifications in the industry. Financial data show that in 2019, Beijing Fengshang achieved a revenue of 912 million yuan and a net profit of 254 million yuan.

The fund-raising investment projects of Fengshang culture focus on the existing main business, which will accelerate the introduction of high-end creative design talents, enhance the R & D and independent innovation ability, expand the business scale and enhance the sustainable profitability, so as to further improve the market competitiveness of the company.

The main products of Meichang new material are electroplated diamond wires, and more than 95% of the products are used for cutting photovoltaic silicon wafers, which belong to consumables. On June 21, 2018, the company was listed on the new third board with the securities code of 872859. The company was established in 2015 with no revenue and net profit of - 542400 yuan. From 2016 to 2019, the net profit (deducting the lower one) is 94 million yuan, 673 million yuan, 1021 million yuan and 380 million yuan respectively.

The two companies that first launched the issuance adopted the following formula: the net profit in the last two years is positive, and the accumulated net profit is no less than RMB 50 million. The index of listing.

So far, under the gem registration system, the number of IPO applicants has reached 319. Now, 2 companies have launched IPO, 2 IPO registrations are waiting for IPO to take effect, 22 have submitted for registration and so on, and 203 have been accepted, 84 have been inquired about and 6 have been suspended.

Some investment banks have pointed out that 26 companies that have submitted for registration (including registration effective) may become one of the first batch of companies listed on the gem pilot registration system.

Wind data shows that up to now, 26 enterprises that have passed the meeting have raised 20.2 billion yuan in total, and each company has raised 777 million yuan on average. Among the 26 enterprises, the number of enterprises in Guangdong and Zhejiang is the largest, with 5 in each; followed by Jiangsu and Anhui, 3 in each.

In terms of industry distribution, there are 26 enterprises involved in 18 industries, among which special equipment manufacturing industry has the largest number, with a total of 5 enterprises; there are 3 enterprises in computer, communication and other electronic equipment manufacturing industry and instrument manufacturing industry; 2 enterprises in pharmaceutical manufacturing industry and textile industry.

Gem registration system related technology system officially launched

On July 27, the official website of Shenzhen Stock Exchange announced that the registration system related technology chest pain has been officially launched.

Under the unified deployment of the China Securities Regulatory Commission, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, together with China Securities Clearing and China Securities Finance, organized various market participants to officially launch the gem reform and pilot registration system related technical systems in the near future, and synchronously launched new data interfaces for trading and settlement. Since July 27, the new technology system has fully supported the market entities to carry out the relevant business needs such as online issuance of stocks and depository receipts, transaction settlement, margin trading and securities lending under the registration system.

The gem reform involves many business links, such as listing audit, issuance, trading, settlement, risk prevention and control, daily supervision, delisting and so on. It is necessary to transform the technical systems of the core institutions, securities companies, fund companies, trusteeship banks, market information service providers and other market main bodies. The time is tight and the task is heavy, which is a major test for the information technology ability of the securities industry.

With the joint efforts of all parties, on July 25, the gem reform and pilot registration system technology clearance test and issuance business customs clearance test were successfully completed, and the technology system was successfully launched, marking that the relevant technology systems of the whole market are ready to be put into production and the issuance function is officially launched.

Urgent prompt: re sign gem trading authority

No re signing will affect the gem transactions after the registration system reform, and will not be able to participate in the gem innovation on August 4. Re signing can be completed on the app of securities companies.

Due to the changes in the growth enterprise market transactions under the registration system, investors who have opened the gem need to re sign the risk disclosure statement, while the threshold for the investors who have not opened the gem is 100000 yuan of assets and 2 years of investment experience. In order to participate in gem trading, investors need to re sign or open their authority as soon as possible.

On June 12, the main system rules of the gem reform and pilot registration system were released. According to the requirements of the management and implementation measures of Shenzhen Stock Exchange, stock investors need to re sign the gem investment risk disclosure statement before they can participate in the gem trading after the reform. If it is not re signed, it will not be able to participate in the growth enterprise market, trading and margin trading.

Recently, a reporter from CFA interviewed a number of securities companies to learn about the supplementary signing rate of old customers on the gem. As of July 24, the supplementary signing rate of old customers of Everbright Securities was 40%, and that of first venture securities was over 30%. Both Shenwan Hongyuan and Shenwan Hongyuan in the West had completed the target of 40% of the stock re signing rate issued by Shenzhen Stock Exchange in advance. The supplementary signing rate of a large securities company in Shanghai was as high as 40% - 50%, A medium-sized securities company in Beijing has made up 21% of its old customers.