Thirty only: in depth analysis, why did Lin have the heart to take away Xu Huashan

 Thirty only: in depth analysis, why did Lin have the heart to take away Xu Huashan

Today, we will analyze why Xu Huashan was planted in the forest.

In fact, the relationship between the two sexes is nothing more than that. What Lin has done is to cover the seemingly ordinary dialogue and contact with hints, and pry out the cracks in the heart of a person in marriage with the novelty of painstakingly erecting and pretending to be casual.

Her first move was to show weakness.

In addition, he told Xu Huashan in the dessert shop that he liked to eat sweets because the days were hard. Older people of the same sex will feel that you are groaning for nothing. However, for the elderly opposite sex, seeing a young girl with a bright smile and saying its hard will be infected by it and misjudge that the other party is really cute and strong.

Otherwise, only let the other party feel that he is a silly white sweet little girl, the story of human settings is worse, and the other partys desire to understand will be low.

Its too bad to send oranges. Lin youyou has a way to know yourself and your enemy.

The second move is to fill the gap.

Lin youyou also has an act of beating snakes and seven inches, which is to show his admiration and appreciation for Xu Huashan. You know, this is something he has not got in his marriage at this stage. His wife treats him as a child, and he can see that his wife in charge of the company more or less regards his high art as groundless and willful. He needs someone to say, the things you designed are so good, I understand you too well. No matter what the purpose of the person who said that is, he would feel relieved.

This is called filling a gap. If your wife doesnt have anything, Ill offer you anything. What your wife disdains to do, I will take you to do, also let you do happily. It doesnt take long for you to be immersed in the freshness and call it the life you really want.

Of course, what else is there besides these two moves, the more frustrated, the braver -- derogatory here.

Knowing that the other side has a wife and children, he still moves forward and poses low enough in front of Xu. I know you have a family, but I dont mind. it gives men a very easy feeling, and few men can refuse. Its too hard for a man to refuse. He offered it at no cost.

When people stay in a good relationship smoothly, and their relationship has melted into a part of daily life, the original romance suddenly becomes a bubble, and the heart of the past also seems far away - the restless heart wants to go out for a spin.

But excitement and escape are not true love. Hormones cant really get around the line.

On many nodes, hes trying to step back.

You dont want to send this kind of picture again.

My wife told me to stop playing football.

So many years of emotional enemy but a little younger than the original match? no It is peoples heart that cant resist the triviality and dullness of life. Some people find the wrong way to kill them and want to play some local plot to catch their breath.

Well, life is boring, but you dont have to jump into the mud to have fun.