Why cant wang mani get married?

 Why cant wang mani get married?

Obedient girl Zhong Xiaoqin couldnt stand her husbands selfishness and divorced on her first day at the age of 30.

To tell you the truth, it is not easy for the TV series to maintain a high score of 7.9 points in Douban after 20 episodes.

Because a lot of domestic TV series, under the guise of exploring the society, start very amazing, after which they will step into vulgar dog blood.

There is no such thing as thirty. It has handled the real life very well. The three female masters have their own characteristics and difficulties.

For example, the perfect wife cant escape the fate of her husband cheating.

But the husband has the track to follow the derailment, precisely because the wife is too rational, excellent, excellent too strong.

When the yearning love comes, you cant be free and easy when you are 20 years old, but you cant force the other party to give yourself a promise.

Another example is that a good girl listens to her parents advice, and when she reaches a suitable age for marriage, she will marry on a blind date.

As a result, life after marriage is a backwater of living together. My husband is more interested in fish than in people.

Recognize the situation and divorce quickly.


But after all, the TV drama still has the protagonist halo story, the pain point has, the good point will not be less.

Life is different.

Life is more bloody than TV series.

This documentary isu2014u2014

Leftover women

The protagonist of the documentary is a lawyer who drifts to Beijing. The bumps on her way to marriage can be seen in Wang Mani, Gu Jiazhong and Xiaoqin.

In just 30, Wang mani is about to be 30 years old and has worked in Shanghai for eight years.

When Wang mani broke up at the age of 27, she told her mother that if she couldnt buy a house in Shanghai and could not get married at 30, she would go back to her hometown.

Its about to be 30, the house is not located, and the object is not.

Helpless, had to accept the parents arranged blind date Bureau.

As a result, the blind date only took Wang mani as a free companion to take photos.

Wang manis family urged her to get married, but she was still in the stage of introducing her.

The 34 year old female lawyer lives in Beijing with decent work. Most of her daily frustrations come from the word marriage.

When she returned to her hometown in Shandong, everyone in the family advised her to find someone to marry.

Her father explained that she was not married when she was over 30

Stupid at school.

She felt that she should not marry in order to complete the task. Only when she met the right person, could marriage be meaningful.

Otherwise, improper marriage, married or will leave.

But her father, with his only vision and experience, said earnestly:

It means to do what at what age.

Others can knot, why cant you?

Everyone else is married, why do you think about divorce before you get married?

When dad is finished, mom wants to help.

But compared with dads strength, mom will be softer.

Will persuade her,

That elder sisters urging marriage is like a sharp knife.

My sister got married early and had children. Its true that she is anxious about her unmarried sister.

But malice is also full.

She would call her son and her sister Auntie Bachelor as an insulting term.

My sister may not realize how much harm she has done to her sister.

It cant be said that my sister is a bad person, but ridicule from the same sex is far more hurtful than that from the opposite sex.

The sting from the family is far more heart piercing than that from the outside world.

As a result, female lawyers did not want to go home at all.

Because going home means that the family members are urging them with all their heart and soul. Urging is pressure.

And this problem can not be solved by communication.

No matter how she explains it, the family will still feelu2014u2014

No marriage is a sentence.

No matter how happy you are if you dont get married, its not called happiness.

But dont female lawyers really want to get married?

Not necessarily.

In fact, she was more anxious than anyone else in the matter of marriage.

So at the beginning of the documentary, she communicated with the staff in the marriage agency.

She also goes on blind dates a lot.

However, the right person is not easy to find.


You ask too much!

2. You ask too much!

The female lawyer went to the marriage agency, and the staff asked her if she had any spouse requirements.

Female lawyers say they want to find someone with a good education and respect for women.

Her last relationship, is because her boyfriend does not know how to respect women, do not do housework, male chauvinism, so talent.

This is not a particular request.

However, in the eyes of the employees of the marriage agency, a woman has passed the marriageable age and has not yet married, regardless of her own conditions. In short, in the marriage market, it is already a can that is about to expire and can only be picked by others.

She said, youre not a beauty, youre old.

Implication: what qualifications do you have to pick and choose?

The employee of marriage agency asks: is it?

Youre 34 and youre not married. How can you feel that youre not old?

You can only get married if you lower your attitude and regard yourself as the most vulnerable group in the marriage market!

How can you think Im in good shape?

At this time, the female lawyer is supposed to have a MMP to talk about.

Perhaps after 27 years of age, every time she is engaged in a blind date or is urged to marry, some people think that she asks too much.

But as the years grow older, more and more people dislike her and ask for more.

Not only outsiders, but also family members feel that there are too many requirements for finding a partner.

Chatting with his father, the Father also felt that the daughter didnt know her self clearly. There are too many demands.

You dont want to

Whats more, theyve been looking for you for a long time.

Parents who have worked hard in the countryside all their life go out to college for their daughter and save money.

For her to go to university and graduate.

When she is really stable, she has decent work in Beijing and her economy is independent.

But isnt reading to see a bigger world and a better life?

Is this pursuit wrong?

Are parents trying to send their children to school only to let her marry and have children?

When a woman gets to a certain age and doesnt get married, she will blame herself for her demands and problems?

The female lawyers in leftover women are,

You need to be independent.

When you really independent self-improvement, but found that you in the pursuit of a better life, others think you ask too much.

When you can stand alone, others say:

Women are too strong can not, women should be gentle home.

3. Women cant be too strong

They were introduced by a marriage agency.

After meeting, I knew that they were all from Shandong Province.

Its easy to know the roots.

However, marriage is not a matter of meeting these objective conditions.

Marriage means that people with the same values can respect and identify with each other, and then talk about others.

Otherwise, marriage becomes a way to live together and fulfill social tasks.

Everything is centered on the father.

And the mother tried to have five children just to have a son. In the end, he didnt have a son.

Growing up in such a patriarchal and patriarchal home, she saw all kinds of inequalities between the sexes.

But men dont think so.

Although they all grew up in patriarchal families, as their mothers made more and more money, their fathers words changed less.

He agrees with male chauvinism.

He doesnt like women to be too capable.

He wants to dominate the marriage.

And this, obviously, is quite different from the original intention of female lawyers.

Forced by social pressure, female lawyers will come here to look for a suitable partner.

One of them, the female lawyer thought that he was very good in all aspects, so she began to talk with his family.

It was smooth at first, but when the other party knew that she was a lawyer, she began to back down.

The female lawyer said that I am a lawyer and the firm is from Hong Kong.

The family members of the other party said, how powerful lawyers are! Ill be finished with a few laws..

The other family members said that when there is a contradiction, it is not a family, and she cant stand it.

This passage seems absurd.

We should all be able to see that this is the refusal of the family to look down on the female lawyer.

But this refusal is too mean.

In the eyes of these people, women should be gentle and care for their families, wash their hands for soup, and help their husband and children.

As for lawsuits, its a mans business.

A woman has this ability. Its her weakness.

However, it is ironic that even if a woman is at home with her husband and children, she will still be despised for being too strong because of her intelligence.

In thirty, Gu Jia became a full-time wife after she became pregnant.

She also helped her husband, who was not good at commercialization, to get orders.

It was originally two people working together to create a better future, but suddenly they could not resonate with the same frequency.

4, so,

Its not that female lawyers dont want to get married.

Its not that tens of thousands of wangmani who want to have a better life dont want to get married.

They cant get married, its not that they are demanding too much.

Its not that their material desires are too rich.

But they didnt meet anyone who could resonate with the same frequency.

And in other peoples marriage, see too many tragic ending.

They are firm and hesitant, oppressed and eager to break free.

Therefore, the economically independent female lawyers who want to break free eventually choose to leave the oppressed environment.

She applied to study in Paris and took advantage of it to give herself more opportunities.

More opportunities to see the world.

More choices.

And this is because she is strong, so she will not reach a certain age, is really constrained.

Now, we dont know what the ending will be for Wang mani in only thirty and whether he can find a good home.

But instead of pinning hope on others, its better to give yourself more chips.

I hope she can be as free and easy as a female lawyer.

I also hope that all of them will not compromise for their age.