There are lovers who do time

 There are lovers who do time

Sad, sad, it doesnt matter, give time. Time is the most sincere friend, will tell you the final answer. One day, the sadness of separation, the pain of betrayal and the sadness of failure will stay in time.

Communication between people needs a sincere heart. Hypocrisy, selfishness, always exposed in front of time. At that time, there were still a few real friends left!

If you cherish, I will cherish each other. This attitude towards family, love and friendship is the best attitude towards life.

Time is tangible and intangible. To say that time is tangible, it can be concrete. With the rotation of the hour hand and minute hand, we can see that time is moving.

The alternation of day and night, we see time passing. Say it is invisible, it is you cant grasp it, store it, and take it out when it is in urgent need.

This life, carrying too many shackles, so dont bear the suffering of obsession. When the decision is in your own hands, dont give it to others easily. Love yourself, put down the obsession, in order to be broad and broad.

Alarm clock can wake up the time, but not your life. Dont always regret after the years of desolation. How can a better life be achieved for those who sleep in a cozy nest and never want to get up. Life is only once, and the road we have gone through cant be turned back. The friendship that can accompany the whole life, whether it is love, kinship or friendship, is worth cherishing. Only by giving back the same concern, giving the same care and giving the same help can the friendship between people go on.

Just be a lover of time, treasure her in your heart, cherish her, tolerate her, and share the hardships with her. In spring, cherish every flowers blooming and falling, just like cherishing the fate of each fate.

Life is so long, but so short. From different angles, time gives us different answers. Only willing to be a lover of time, cherish every day of this life. If you are happy, open your mouth and smile more happily. If sad, untie the frown, let the smile return to the face. Smile is also a day, crying is also a day, I wish we all happy to live a good life in every cold and summer.


Ni Huijuan, the pen name Meijiang Qing Yue, has used the pseudonym to remember Xin, Zhejiang Lanxi people, now lives in Beijing, personal micro signal meijiangqingyue, personal official account: Sunny month micro publication (rappire). Liberal arts and science, hobby writing, like to write the day in the words, with a sincere heart to feel the beauty of life.