Police attack! Zhumadian murderer Wang Mou, absconded for 26 years, was arrested

 Police attack! Zhumadian murderer Wang Mou, absconded for 26 years, was arrested

Successful detection of intentional homicide case on September 24, 1994

Recently, Dongfeng police station of Zhumadian Public Security Bureau of Henan Province successfully cracked a 26 year old intentional homicide case on September 24, 1994, which is another brilliant achievement of Dongfeng police station in April this year since it cracked the 15 year old homicide case 2005.11.16.

The suspect absconded for many years after the crime

The incident dates back to 26 years ago. At about 9:00 a.m. on September 24, 1994, two rural villagers, Zhang Guangguang and Zhang Taotao, were working in the fields in a county in Southwest Henan Province. They quarreled with the villagers Wang. Wang repeatedly stabbed Zhang in the chest with his knife, causing Zhang to die on the spot. After the case, the suspect Wang fled. For many years, due to investigation means and other reasons, the whereabouts of the criminal suspect is difficult to predict, and the case has never made a breakthrough.

The case investigation was once in a deadlock

Over the years, in order to let the criminal suspect be brought to justice in time, the police of Dongfeng police station are waiting for trouble. Earlier this year, Xing Guanghao, a special police officer for tackling major cases, got to know the address of Wangs vehicle in Xinjiang in 2010. He told the news to Jiang Jian, director of the Institute. Jiang Jian asked Xing Guanghao to immediately lead police Wu Guohui and two auxiliary police to carry out work.

The suspects whereabouts were obtained after the surveillance

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Thats him. It must be him! Seeing the suspect, Jiang Jian said excitedly that the hard work and fatigue of several months in a moment were swept away. In order not to scare the snake, the task force made a careful deployment of the next step of the capture work.

Successful capture of suspects

Dongfeng police station director Jiang shipwreck after this situation, instructed the ad hoc group to work around Wangs relations, and personally went to Korla. Under the leadership of Jiang Jian, the pursuit police sorted out the car that Wang had driven many times, and the car owner was Zhang Mulan. The task force carried out work around Zhang. With the help of the local police, Zhumadian police mastered the relevant information of Zhang. Director Jiang led the ad hoc group to work in the community where Zhang is located. Through the monitoring of the community, it was found that Zhang and Wang had been in and out of the community many times.

In order not to scare the snake, Jiang Jian led the special team to wait in the community. At 22:00 p.m. on July 15, Wang Xiaoquan appeared, and the police did not wait for the suspect to react and quickly captured him.

As an old investigator, Jiang Jian talked with the suspect patiently for a whole day, doing ideological work and psychological confrontation. Wang confessed to the fact that Zhang Guangguang, a villager in the same village, was stabbed to death with a knife on September 24, 1994, and fled for 26 years.

Successfully returned to Zhumadian

At 1:00 a.m. on July 17, the police of the special group who had just finished the case and had less than two hours rest received a notice from the local public security that Korla was preparing to close down the city in order to deal with the epidemic situation in Urumqi. In order to avoid being stranded in Xinjiang, the ad hoc group led the suspects to rush to the railway station at 2 am. With the help of the local epidemic prevention department, they escorted the suspect for two days and two nights, and finally returned to Zhumadian on July 19, 2020.

Source: Henan legal news