Life should always be sober, always gentle, and always know how to advance and retreat

 Life should always be sober, always gentle, and always know how to advance and retreat

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Im glad to meet you, but Im sorry I just met you.

On that day, the mountains and rivers, the stars and the moon are all gifts.

If happiness and happiness are too difficult, I wish you money.

Some girls cant get up at all, because her experience, her three outlooks and the truth she knows all tell her that it is wrong to do so.

The sky can be replenished, the sea can be filled, and the Nanshan Mountain can be moved. The sun and the moon are past and cannot be traced back.

Life should always be sober, always gentle, and always know how to advance and retreat.

In the past, I always thought that the most beautiful thing in life was meeting; later I realized that it was rare to meet again.

Dont care about any evaluation of you by people who have nothing to do with your life, because they dont need to be responsible for your life, but you should be responsible for your own life.

u2014u2014He Jiong

As long as you refuel, good luck will come. Good luck is sometimes a little less, then sometimes a little more. But good luck can be saved. Good luck will come to you.

u2014u2014Come on, you are the best

Some intimate suggestions:

1. Dont contaminate the circle that doesnt suit you.

2. Dont make any decisions when you are angry.

3. Dont waste your time. You should constantly enrich yourself.

4. Constantly reduce expectations, accept loneliness, sober and independent.

A friend in the background said that in the twinkling of an eye, most of 2020 has passed unconsciously. Fighting the epidemic in the first half of the year, flood fighting in the second half of the year, and poverty fighting throughout the year. Life after the age of 20 is like pressing the acceleration button. The faster the time is, the more confused people are.

At the beginning of the year, I thought it would be better this year, but now I just ask that it should not get worse. But the family, relatives and friends are around, healthy and safe. In fact, they are very satisfied, and they should be on the right track as soon as possible. Of course, the biggest feeling is to be proud of the motherland, for the treatment of the epidemic situation is really great power style.

So, lets talk today. 207 days have passed since 2020. How do you feel so far?