There are a lot of things that nobody tells us about deadline

 There are a lot of things that nobody tells us about deadline

Between the beginning and the end, we cant get around the word: procrastination.


Deadline is the first productivity?

Tim urban is the founder of waitbutwhy website. He shared his story on Ted when he wrote his paper: before graduation, his teacher assigned a 90 page paper, and with high morale, he divided the big task of the year into three stages, each with its own task.

He was particularly satisfied with the division of labor

As a result, the first stage was not ideal, because the deadline was too far away. Todays work to do or not to do did not seem to have a great impact on the future results, so he did nothing.

So he changed his plan to look like this.

Tasks are piled up in the second and third parts. As long as I start writing now, its no problem by the deadline. Tim urban is still full of confidence.

However, when the medium term came and left, he still did nothing, so he had to revise his plan.

At the end of the day, the deadline is imminent, and the task is completely ahead of the deadline. He did not have any way, with the method of two days all night liver out of a do not want to read again paper.

Is the paper quality good?

As you can imagine, its not good. Although the high pressure environment can improve work energy and willingness, peoples IQ will not be increased in a moment, and the content handed in may have many problems due to sloppy.

Why do we procrastinate?

Tim urban found a science lab and tried to find some answers from a scientific point of view.

He took a recognized non procrastinator and scanned the brains of himself and each other through an MRI.

But theres something else in Tim urbans head - an instant gratification monkey.

And try to get in the way of existing routes.

The monkey has no memory of the past and no understanding of the future..

He only cares about two things - easy and fun.

Because, although the life controlled by the monkey seems easy and fun, it is meaningless. Although you seem to get a lot of happiness, in fact, your heart knows:

Your fun isnt fun, because its all for nothing, and the air is filled with guilt, fear, anxiety and self hatred - which is why were always more anxious when we procrastinate.

Fortunately, no matter how presumptuous we are, there is always a panic monster looking at all this.

It hibernates most of the time, but when it finds that the deadline is approaching and you may encounter an embarrassing moment in your studies or workplace, he will suddenly rush out to give you a sense of crisis and scare away the playing monkeys.

This is, of course, a simplified version of Tim urban to explain the reasons for the delay.

Psychologically, there are three types of emotional camouflage that explain our procrastination

Disguised as fear and doubt

In this way, we will put the daunting task to the last.

A lot of success is inspired by perfectionism. But this kind of personality may also hinder the pace of progress. Because perfectionists are more afraid of failure and tend to be ready to act. Like order, afraid of chaos, small flaws in work, will interfere with their emotions. Perfectionism often goes with depression and anxiety, causing great mental pressure.

Disguised as present self

Scientists believe that when it comes to procrastination, we all have a dual personality: the present self and the future self.

The former pursues the current comfort and happiness, while the latter focuses on the long-term and hopes to do something beneficial to themselves in the long run. For example, the former wants you to lie down and play, while the latter wants you to go out for a run.

The result of procrastination is that the present self wins the future self, believing that the person in the future will accomplish the things he doesnt want to do, while the present I just need to have fun.

In the long run, one side is unable to take action to complete the plan, while the other is suffering from the failure to complete the plan. The overlap of the two will reduce the sense of self satisfaction and happiness. Over time, we will fall into a vicious circle of self denial.


Refuse to label yourself and regain control of time

Maybe some people will say, what if I am such a person? Im a late procrastinator, and Im only effective when the deadline is near.

Indeed, there are a lot of people who have this kind of trouble.

According to the survey, 95% of people admit to procrastination. 92% couldnt meet their new years goals. One in five adults procrastinate a lot.

But that doesnt mean we are procrastinators.

How to find motivation when you are lazy In this short film, the author shares his own story.

Ive been a muddleheaded person since I was a child. I dont want to get up early and go to the gym. I know that some work should be done, but I still hope that others will help me. People around me often say that I am lazy, and gradually, I begin to believe it and label myself procrastination.

By chance, he learned that the school had an exchange program to Portugal, and this opportunity was very slim to him who was the bottom of the score.

But he was so excited that he could go to Portugal.

In that semester, in order to achieve his goal, he spent the whole semester in the library, just to get a higher grade point.

At the end of the semester, he got positive comments such as you are a hard worker, you are a person who works hard for a goal.

His mother said to her, maybe youre not a procrastinator at all.

This sentence suddenly dawned on him, because half a year ago, it was the same group of people who identified him as a procrastinator.. Now, the same group of people say he is a very hard worker..

So in fact, no one must be lazy, and no one is completely diligent..

It all depends on our own actions.

When we always put a negative label on ourselves, we will acquiesce that we are a procrastinator, and we will use procrastination as a reason for not doing good things.

But when you really find what you love and do your best for him, you will find that you who procrastinate is no longer there.

Whats more, there are so many things in life that nobody tells us about the deadline.

If the only mechanism by which procrastinators deal with these difficulties is the monster of panic, then there is a problem. Because when theres no deadline, panic monsters dont show up at all

The delay of such things may have a more serious impact than not completing an assignment or screwing up a project.

Because we dont do it, and no one accuses US of it, we can delay it indefinitely and even forget it for a time.

But all of a sudden, one day, we find that we have missed the opportunity or no time, so we fall into a long period of guilt and depression.

Therefore, do not let the imagination stay in imagination, leaving behind the anxiety and anxiety of procrastination.

Calm down, and immediately and wholeheartedly do a thing you desire to do, to complete a process.

Let the imagination happen.

What you want to do but havent started yet?