After meeting 4000 top talents, its never hard work that makes you successful

 After meeting 4000 top talents, its never hard work that makes you successful

In this transparent Internet era, the success stories of other childrens families have penetrated into everyones life. With these success stories, there are also invisible spread of anxiety and confusion.

However, when people are trying to make up for their shortcomings, they unconsciously become a better others and gradually become an average person rather than a better self in the concept of equalization of this society.

Cui Cuis sharing revolves around advantages. From Xiaobai, a former career worker, to todays CEO of a start-up company, Cui Cui Cui delivers his career experience to college students who are about to graduate from the studio and uses new knowledge to help them ease their anxiety.

Are you anxious? Why worry?

No one likes to be anxious, but its strange that everyone is anxious, but the degree is different.

Theres an answer that might explain your doubts.

Which neighbor made a fortune, which neighbor won the prize, will quickly spread to your ears.

Even if you dont want to hear it, its the success of others when you turn on your mobile phone.

But many times things go against our wishes. No matter how hard we try, we are not as good as one tenth of those models.

As a result, I have to worry and worry under the pressure.

Its because we took the wrong track and went to someone elses track.

Too often, too many people are busy being better people, not being better themselves.

Remember, being yourself is the right way.

The question is, what are you? Do you know yourself?

This starts with finding your own strengths.

Advantages are so precious that we must not turn a blind eye to them

What are your strengths?

But when asked this question, everyones answer is more consistent, subconsciously think that advantage refers to skills.

Some say I can cook, some say I can make up, some say I can write programs, and some say I speak fast.

But the real advantage is not skills, its something at the bottom, the way were born to feel and behave about the world.

Both cases occurred in the workplace.

Once the companys customer service door encountered several difficult customers, they promised a full refund, they still refused.

During the meeting, the customer service mentioned this matter, very distressed.

At this time, another department of sales circle said a word, shocked the whole audience.

what customers really need is not compensation, but emotional comfort, she said.

Everyone was shocked and questioned. How can you be so sure?

Yuanyuan said, I have this ability since I was a child, can hear the silent needs of others.

Otherwise, let me communicate with the customers.

Sure enough, after a round of comfort and communication, three of the five customers who would have refunded cancelled the full refund request.

The second case happened to another colleague.

At one meeting, a glass cup was put by the table and almost fell off.

Three or four colleagues came in one after another, but they all turned a blind eye to the cup until Lu Li, who finally rushed in.

He was also in a hurry, but suddenly stopped, reached for a glass and pushed it back from the edge of the table.

Prudence and responsibility is the natural advantage of Lu Li.

Round or Lu Li, their advantages are not learned or imitated, but deep into their marrow.

Thats the inborn advantage thats hard to change.

It has been proven in neurology.

In our brain, there is a structure called synapse, which is used to connect neurons.

Since we were born, the number of synapses increases exponentially, and by the age of 3, synaptic growth has reached its peak.

Were crazy about absorbing everything we see and feel.

However, we cant understand that too much absorption makes us unable to resist. So nature began to help us turn off excessive noise, and synapses began to decrease. By the age of 16, the number of synapses decreased by half.

These synapses are the way we understand the world, what were interested in, what were good at, whats the most stable part of our personality.

All we have to do is to adapt to our own advantages and carry them forward.

Find the advantage, the turning point of life will appear

After interviewing more than 4000 top talents, Chen Yu, former vice mayor of Los Angeles and CEO of top 500 enterprises, said a thought-provoking remark: all excellent people are outstanding in only one or two aspects, and other aspects are common.

The reason why they succeed is that they continue to work on their advantages.

The vast majority of people, on the contrary, have been taught by average education since childhood: failure is due to lack of effort.

So I kept on mending the short board.

At the beginning, I made a wish and tried as hard as that one, but after a while, I felt too tired to persist.

Its not really your fault.

Therefore, the turning point of life will appear when we find the advantages.

How to find their own advantages? Give four key words.

Strong: what do you do to make you feel strong. Think: what is very want to do, can not help but want to do, can not help but want to do. Forget: what makes you indulge in it and forget everything. Cool: what gives you a great sense of accomplishment and satisfaction when youre done.

If you continue to work on your strengths, you can live an easy life.


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