This is the business of rogue industry

 This is the business of rogue industry

Until the video released by the video player said: now the official voice has been sent to himself, saying that his piece is suspected of being violating the rules, and the ten day limit is limited. Tiktok is very grieved now. He has never said that this paragraph is true. He just wanted to shoot a positive energy piece. It was so simple, there was no other idea. Is there a mistake?

Do you mean to ask me wrong? Second elder brother wants to say, this kind of start sells miserably, other all depend on the bridge paragraph that make up, it is to play rascal openly especially. Is there a bottom line?

Now this kind of jokes can be found everywhere on the Internet, which has deceived many peoples tears. Under the banner of positive energy, they make fake things come true in order to deceive everyone. This kind of false propaganda is very harmful. It will only give people a false impression. There are good people everywhere. In fact, what kind of social reality is now? Dont you have any idea?

Fake is fake, it can never be true. And the real situation of things often can not be sent out, this is very shameless.

Of course, for those who usually like to watch positive energy jokes, they have lost their basic judgment ability and can not extricate themselves from the false. For those who are accustomed to illusions, those who tell them the truth are guilty.

There is nothing more strange than this.

When hooligans also degenerate to start playing hooligans, it is really worrying. Those under the guise of traditional propriety, righteousness and shame, I am afraid that the traditional hooligans dare not play rogue.

So, what are the traditional hooligans?

In the change of the hooligans, Mr. Lu Xun vaguely put forward that the way for the existence of the hooligans is to seek rent for the regulation.

Official corruption is power rent-seeking, and rogue is the most basic rent-seeking person who can flexibly exploit the space of order and control. The rent-seeking and extortion of powerful people is considered to be authentic. Rent seeking and extortion by those without official posts is rogue.

Hooligans are the product of social gray zone. Every place has its living space. Different systems produce different hooligans. A hooligan is the short board of a barrel.

If a rogue is elegant, his country will be decent; if he is shameless, he will be a national disgrace.

In the old society, Tianjin green skin thugs were bone ash level hooligans. At that time, there was a threshold for the rogue industry. Good men were unwilling to do it, but they could not.

So, how to be a qualified hooligan? Of course, first of all, we should be able to resist beating. If we want to eat this bowl of rogue rice, we should throw out the flesh and blood as a name.

Feng Jicais novel whip describes the rules of this line.

If a punk wants to be a professional gangster, he will try to find fault. Of course, its not a contest of martial arts, but the resistance to being beaten. After being beaten blind, he passed the examination. So the villain used a glass ball as his new business card and became a professional hooligan with a stable job.

At that time, the hooligans were very fierce. They threw out all their fat to beg for a comfortable meal. It was an alternative version of the inspirational story of BaoJianFeng comes from sharpening, and plum blossom fragrance comes from bitter cold.

Hooligans not only want to blackmail money and protection fees in the area under their jurisdiction, but also really maintain the market order.

Rogue is to use the destructive power of order to seek rent-seeking control. The protection fee of part money from shops is an additional tax increase, which is the order repair tax.

When the outside rogue forces blackmail, the hooligans who eat the money must maintain order, protect the shops from being bullied and pay no order tax.

At this time, the two gangs began the competition

The Ninja players on both sides are chatting and laughing at the fire. They cut their own tendon meat, barbecue and drink wine. They are more fat and thicker than those who cut them, and the fire is good. Those who cry for mercy are defeated and abdicated. If the fresh meat barbecue never wins, and the hot oil pot sauna will continue to compete.

Its like the song no one can succeed casually.

The competition in the rascal world is fierce, and it is written at the beginning of the hooligan that all hesitation must be eradicated; any cowardice will not help.

There is also a way to steal. In the past, hooligans are more disciplined.

Hooligans are willing to have a prosperous market and numerous shops so as to win a win-win situation. But hooligans will never break the rules, regard win-win as win-win twice, and collect protection fee twice from the shop.

If the hooligans dont keep the bottom line, the social order will disappear.

The hooligans who have fallen to the floor still attempt to degenerate. They can only jump into the pit. When hooligans all jump into the pit and degenerate, is there a level road for society?

When a man plays rogue, he is not a hooligan. If you say that a person has banditry, it means that he has not really fallen grass. Who can say that Liangshan heroes are bandit?

They are serious bandits. They are easy to attack!

But when the hooligans also broke the rules, the hooligans also degenerated to the beginning of playing hooligans, that was worrying. In other words, when hooligans also degenerate, it is also a precursor of social unrest.

The traditional genuine hooligans are just looking for the order of the market and eating the protection fee of the shop. They never dare to carry the signboard of the doctrine to eat the benefits. Its not a decent thing for a rogue to do.

So what is a rogue to do?

There is specialization in technology, which is the business of rogue industry.

However, if you run to the American consuls wifes microblog to swear dirty words, the traditional gangster community will strictly punish this kind of playing hooligan behavior, which tarnishes the reputation of hooligans.

This class of hooligans, like their predecessors, did not pay the price of being blinded to eat hooligan food miserable experience.

To be sure, the rule of hooligans makes the society harmonious, and the strong hooligans make the country strong.

It is said that this time hooligans are too easy to become. They do not cherish the reputation of the rogue industry, and the traditional virtues of the hooligans are completely wiped out. Moreover, even the hooligans degenerate, which is a bad omen of social debauchery.

The singing of flowers in the backyard by the women of Shang Dynasty across the river is not the voice of national subjugation.

Therefore, it is necessary to strictly restrict the examination and grading system of rogue entry-level, formulate the standard of rogue industry, forbid to play hooligans casually when you are a hooligan, and resolutely stop the hooligans behavior under the guise of the doctrine.

There is only one way to solve this problem: lets have a good time.

Just like the grassroots hooligans looking up to their idols, Hu Bian and Professor Jin, they play hooligans every day. Dont they still enjoy the hot food?

Dont worry, the hooligans who take up their posts with certificates have a blood account, and all the arrears will be made up at some time.

Or that sentence: come out to mix, sooner or later is to return.