Yang Mi: refuse to sell miserably, why should others understand your hard work?

 Yang Mi: refuse to sell miserably, why should others understand your hard work?


Thats not right. How common it is for women to sell miserably. Women have womens gender disadvantage, which is visible to the naked eye. Therefore, it is human nature to complain bitterly and to be coquettish. However, please remember: Moscow does not believe in tears, Melbourne has no jadeite. Its not that the world is not tolerant enough and people are not kind enough. People may not be willing to sympathize with you, but its cheap. People may not be pitying you, but not in your way. If so, its better to bite your teeth and harden your scalp. Its better to face difficulties than to show weakness by crying.


Yang Mi is right: when everyone is helpless, attitude is very important. Everyone is very hard, do you think the takeaway brother is not hard? The camera brother fainted when he lifted the machine half way. Isnt he hard? So, why do you want others to understand your hard work! At first glance, it seems that Yang Mi is not polite to treat the host like this. People are giving you a chance to Tucao, you quickly make complaints about how hard you are and how you dont understand it. Then, the host can immediately express his sympathy. In this way, dont you all achieve your best?


No, its not. Everyone works hard, but everyone has everyones hard work. Even the richest man in the world, he has some troubles. You just see how much money he earns every day and how many figures he has. But this is not for nothing. How much did he pay? You know. How much risk does he take? You know. Its hard to earn every cent. There is no easy word in the adult world (especially in the material world). Its not kind of you to see the boundless side of others. We dont know the full picture. We dont want to comment.



Yang Mis outlook on life is praised as rs. the reason why she has been able to compete in the entertainment industry for so many years is not just luck