Douban 9.4 Banze Zhishu 2, how a cool word!

 Douban 9.4 Banze Zhishu 2, how a cool word!

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The awesome lineup, familiar faces, familiar lines and familiar BGM of the half Ze direct tree 2 are undoubtedly the new Shanxi opera of 2020. The first episode of the second quarter is 22%, which is higher than the first episode of the first season, nearly 3 percentage points, and the bean score is also 9.4. If the latter plot is strength, the score is likely to rise. Stop the smell!

Why is Banze Zhishu 2 so popular? Then we have to mention the first season of straight tree in Banze seven years ago.

In 2013, Banze Zhishu was launched, creating a Japanese audience myth, word-of-mouth and audience affinity. The audience rating of the finale was as high as 45%, and the instant highest was 50.4%. It set the highest viewing record of Japanese TV series in the past 30 years, and no one has broken it. To know that the audience rating of our Spring Festival Gala in China is only 40%, so the rating of Banze Zhishu can be described with the word horror!

A few years later, the industrial central bank merged with Tokyo first bank to form the worlds third largest bank, the Central Bank of Tokyo. Mr. Ban rose to the head of financing section of Osaka West Branch relying on hard power and efforts. Although he was promoted, he was surrounded by dangers.

In order to achieve the annual financing target of 10 billion yen, Asano, head of the branch, asked Mr. Banze to issue a mortgage free loan of 500 million yen to Osaka iron and steel company. Banze felt that it was inappropriate, but he could not hold the authority of the branch president. He let the 500 million loan go. The result was not good. Osaka steel company suddenly declared bankruptcy three months after getting the financing. The loan of 500 million yen has become a bad debt.

The branch head Asano saw that the situation was not right, so he ordered Banze Zhishu to recover the money, so that he could deduct the shipenzi to Banze. If he could not recover the bad debts, he became his responsibility. Moreover, the loan was made by Banze at the beginning. If the pot was too big, he would not wait for death. He told Asano that if he recovered 500 million loans, he would let Asano kneel down to admit his mistake.

After an investigation by Banze Zhishu, it turns out that Asano, the head of the branch, took bribes and secretly framed him behind the loan incident. Finally, Asano had to kneel down to Banze and admit his mistake.

After that, he got a promotion opportunity because he held the bosss handle. This time, he was promoted to the second business department of the Central Bank of Tokyo. The rival is also the more powerful head office managing director, Ohata.

This man, Banze remembers clearly, he was the bank employee who refused to give his father a loan.

Lock in the revenge object, bite hard, and finally pull down smoothly, so that dahota kneels in front of him, happy without saying, heartache Banze finally completed the Revenge of that year!

The first season is like this, in the eyes of Akira Matsuzawas anger ended! At the end of the first season, after a poll, the TV station found that more than 95% of the audience wanted to make a sequel to the film.

Since the second quarter, new roles have appeared one after another. The first person to appear on the stage is OHADAs favorite student, the head of the securities business department of the Central Bank of Tokyo. The goods originally wanted to keep pace with daihotan, but did not think that he was knocked down by Naoki Banze, and that he could not make any more profits. So he held a grudge against him and wanted to revenge him for never turning him over. He wanted to let him go from the bank.

Its the same old thing. Originally, Tokyo central securities could facilitate an acquisition of about 150 billion yen, which can not only make up for the fact that Tokyo central securities has failed to achieve the expected revenue target for three consecutive quarters, but also help the central securities take off. As a result, the acquisition of yellow, as for why yellow? Because he was robbed first; who was he? They are the Securities Department of the Central Bank of Tokyo. Do for a long time is the head office robbed the job of the subsidiary company, spread out to fear is the industry joke!

According to Banzes character, how can he bear this tone? Under a series of investigations, it was found that minister yizoshan was the culprit of the incident. So Banze said harshly, and he was bound to let him pay back with a tooth for a tooth, and pay back twice!

The plot is also more compact, there is no nonsense, come up is to do!

Banze Zhishu 2 pursues a sequel that never regrets. Of course, its better to review the content of the last season before chasing the play, otherwise some faces may be unfamiliar.

Many people say that such a good play is a fairy tale for adults. Because in real life, you cant survive the second episode if you do like Naoki Matsuzawa. Youve been fired from the company for a long time. Such stories are unrealistic and beautiful. But also because of the half of the tree, social animals have faith, try hard, may really be able to spell out a person.

No matter dream or reality, the society needs the existence of half water straight tree, and the truth of the workplace will be nowhere to hide!