People who dont return in seconds really love you

 People who dont return in seconds really love you


Strong twist melon is not sweet. Chen Kai opened his circle of friends and Xi Yao demonstrated it to him. The first circle of friends is under the guidance of Xiyao, who sent her selfie. Attachment: my girlfriend (love). After that, he never took the initiative to send anything, let alone to see others sharing. More often than not, he is buried in his work, working hard, just for promotion and pay rise, buying a house and getting married, and then having a child, which is probably his most wanted wish in his life.

As a result, he not only doesnt send a circle of friends, but also doesnt even reply to wechat. All day long, he is discussing data with colleagues or dealing with customers.

Xi Yaos grandmother falls down and is suddenly hospitalized. After learning about it, Xi Yao anxiously takes a taxi to the hospital by the side of the road. Due to the rush hour, she has been waiting for a long time and cant get a car. When she calls Chen Kai, no one answers. She sends a wechat to ask Chen Kai to drive her over, but there is no reply. It wasnt until 12 hours later that he said, Oh, whats going on? At that time, Xiyao could not help but break up.

I dont want to continue to be with you, an old antique. Its not interesting at all! Xiyao packed up her things and carried her luggage. Chen Kai had no time to pull her. She closed the door and left.


Chen Kai picked up the mobile phone with a bitter smile, opened the wechat, and quickly sent a wechat to Xiyao: sorry, I didnt mean not to answer you. Sometimes I read your message and thought of returning later, so I forgot when I was busy. Dont be angry, will you?

At that moment, Xiyao was furious and ruthlessly returned with the word roll.

In a relationship, girls always hope to get a timely response from boys. Sometimes, the message conveyed by this response is not only literal, but also let girls know that boys care about her. These small lack of security is the embodiment of love and the vitamin of love.

Obviously, such a boy, Chen Kai, is not good at expressing himself, and finally forced his girlfriend away.

Chen Kai is extremely distressed after being lovelorn. He finds that his mobile phone is very quiet when he works, and there is no more ring tone from Xiyao to send messages. He feels lonely. So, a person to the night stall to drink mug, a cup of beer, sour spread. A fish, the boss of the big stall, asked: little brother, how are you unhappy? So they started talking.

A Yu took out his mobile phone and shared with him his daughters pregnancy photo in the circle of friends: my daughter is also 30, this is not finally having children! Hey, hey

We live in this lonely planet, we can have our own way of life, but for the sake of the people we love, we should make some changes or even sacrifice.


Xiyao, who left Chen Kai, is not happy. Her life has become dull. Without that job, she has a straight male cancer boyfriend who surrounds herself all day. No one buys lipstick for her, no one makes breakfast for her, and no one says in his ear, we will have at least three children in the future..

She struggled for many times and wanted to go back to the house they lived in. But when she thought of the wechat she had sent out without reply, she felt that she would care more about her work and would certainly be unhappy when she was together. However, she was not honest at all. She was still looking forward to receiving the message from Chen Kai in her wechat.

In love, a girls childishness is actually worth being tolerated, but if it is not tolerated, it will be called naive and unreasonable.

In the same way, boys are not enlightened, sometimes just because they are honest and honest. If they are not seen through, they become one of the characteristics of slag men.

Finally, Xiyao received a wechat from Chen Kai the night before her birthday. Xiyaos heart is as gray as a leaf, but she doesnt return. Since then, Xiyaos wechat has never stopped shaking every day. Sometimes when she wakes up in the morning, her mobile phone displays hundreds of unread messages, all from Chen Kai. One of them makes Xiyao cry

Will you come back? Ill try to play wechat in the future. Ill reply as soon as I see your message, OK?

What broke Xiyaos psychological defense line was that Chen Kais circle of friends began to be updated frequently, almost all of which were related to her. On that day, Xi Yao saw that Chen Kais updated circle of friends was a diamond ring

Then there was a series of forwarding from friends in the circle of friends.

In this world, in fact, there are many boys like Chen Kai. How indifferent they are on the surface, how affectionate they are in their hearts.

Everything happens for a reason. Chen Kai never told Xi Yao that the reason why he didnt play wechat was that he loved a girl deeply when he was in college, but he didnt want to find a year-long affair between his girlfriend and another boy in the other partys wechat.

For that first time in love, ignorant, simple heart of the youth, this should be a big shadow.