Love farewell, a Im not sorry you, is the best end

 Love farewell, a Im not sorry you, is the best end

In the letter received by Mingyi, many friends poured out their emotional problems and asked, if this relationship cant go on, how can we end it so that we can leave a good impression on each other?

It has to be said that with the development of culture and quality, we are no longer faced with emotional breakup, which is not crying and making trouble, but being calm, peaceful and intelligent.

So, a relationship can not go down, in the face of breaking up, how to say goodbye to show your grace and intelligence?

In everyones talk, the netizens who signed Hai Hai left a deep impression on Mingyi.

At first, when I met my girlfriend, I was a sophomore. In his eyes, my girlfriend is very strong, my family condition is not very good, I eat a little in the canteen, and I always dip my steamed bread in fermented bean curd by myself. After I met and fell in love with each other, Hai Hai Hai always took eating more rice, eating together as the reason. One meal is three years, which can be called heartwarming boyfriend.

XX is the name of your ex girlfriend. After a close examination, the ex girlfriend kept crying in the circle of classmates after breaking up, saying how he was not good to himself, how affectionate, and even how he did not have the ability to let himself live a good life. Hai Hai knew that he had been molded into a amorous man by his ex girlfriend in his circle of friends. In a fit of anger, he sent the last wechat related to his ex girlfriend in the circle of friends, which said: no matter what the past is, I have paid everything, even if at the end, I still havent sorry you.

Im sorry, but I dont know if you have any regrets.

We are always looking for a happy break-up at the end of a love affair, but there are always some people who are entangled and slandered after the break-up. It is not really important how outsiders amuse themselves. What matters is, who is the most secure in heart between the true and the false?

When I was together, I tried my best. After I broke up, I had no regrets. Never let down, never hurt. Break up is just fate, the rest of life without regret. I have loved and said goodbye earnestly. This is my best attitude towards love.