Only thirty tells women: in the society, you need to savor the three truths

 Only thirty tells women: in the society, you need to savor the three truths

As a matter of fact, thirty just tells women a few life truths that they have to know. Every woman should have a detailed review of the society outside the body. Lets take a look at it tomorrow. Do you understand it?

[women in the workplace do not have to be kind, but they must have sharp edges

Seemingly cruel, it is the truth of workplace survival.

Women in the workplace, do not have to be kind, because kindness is always bullying, live a little edge, is mine is my, your calculation is useless, and you can not calculate.

[women in life should pursue something, the more secure they are, the more difficult it is to be stable

Mingyi believes that Zhong Xiaoqin is the representative of most women. He only wants to live a stable life, but he loses himself when he lives.

The truth that life tells women is that whenever you want to remember, be yourself first and love yourself first. Life needs stability in front of you, but you cant stop running.

[if a woman in a marriage is not good for you, you can avoid cheating on a man

The reason why Gu Jia is praised as an excellent woman and a good wife in the hearts of many audience members is that she lives brilliantly. Although she is a housewife, her husbands company is very clear. She can settle down inside and help him outside. When her child is bullied, she can fight. When her husband has a problem, she can solve it. She is not only the supporter of a family, but also a strong woman and a warm face in front of her husband A tender wife.

Perfect, impeccable. However, the man should derail or derail, block once, but not the second time.

Mingyi believes that a man who wants to cheat is not because his wife is bad, or if his wife is good enough to stop him from cheating, it is just a matter of character.

In marriage, women always want to get out of the hall, get into the kitchen, and even have some ideas and make a difference. However, if you are not good, you can avoid cheating on men. Even if you give him the whole country, he will still step on the wall and look far away. The peach blossom that cannot be stopped has nothing to do with whether you are excellent or not, but his own slag.

Women in society, these truths really need to be refined.