How many of the 5 things that can disfigure if you dont care about skin care?

 How many of the 5 things that can disfigure if you dont care about skin care?

No matter how late you are every day, dont forget to remove your makeup. Even if Zhang Shaohans tomorrow is like this, she will not neglect to take off her make-up after several hours of concerts and celebrations. She takes off her make-up with cotton wool and water.

If the makeup on the face is not removed clean, the garbage on the face has accumulated for a long time, which is the biggest damage to the skin. If you dont remove make-up thoroughly, your skin will produce acne and acne, especially at the hairline. This place is very easy to ignore when you remove makeup, so you should pay more attention to this place.

Its very hard to remove the eye makeup for several times. It is also necessary to check the makeup several times. If there are still eye shadow, it will be cleaned several times with bath liquid, so that you can rest assured!

2. Be sure to wash your face after removing makeup

After removing makeup, you cant neglect to wash your face. The temperature requirement of the facial cleanser is also very high. It is very important to master the temperature of the face washing water. If the water temperature is too low or too high, it will affect the skin. Therefore, we should try to use the warm water suitable for our own when washing our face.

When you wash your face, try to wash it with a face washer, because our fingers cant keep clean and sterile all the time, so washing your face with a face washer will be cleaner and more hygienic.

Whats more, the feeling I get from washing with a face washer is that it can be deeply cleaned and feel cleaner after washing. Nowadays, there are many kinds of face washing machines on the market, not only with brush but also with silica gel material. Each one will buy and try. My sister thinks that the silicone is still more used, because the material is very soft and has little irritation to the skin.

3. Deep cleansing of the face

There are various kinds of cleansing masks sold on the market. The cleaning effect of these facial cleansis good. It can produce certain effect, at least at least, than ourselves, simply cleaning with hands, such as volcano mud mask, and cleaning the mud mask is very good. But for this kind of deep cleansing mask, dont use it as frequently as skin care mask. This kind of cleansing mask is almost once a week.

4. Facial exfoliation and dead skin

Facial exfoliation commonly used is a facial cleanser or scrub cream, two choose one. But it will never be used together. In general, once a week, facial exfoliation can be. Or some rough skin fairies can be twice a week.

There is also a tear mask, put the mask on the whole face, and it will slowly penetrate into the skin after 30 minutes or so, until the skin feels tight, it can tear off the whole mask. At this time, you will find that there are a lot of acne coming out of the mask. This is also a good way to remove acne.

5. Dont wipe your face with a towel

Every time I wash my face, I wont use a towel to wipe my face, because there are a lot of bacteria on the towel. The best way is to use a disposable towel to wipe my face, because the disposable towel is in the package, and the bacteria are less than the towel, so I can feel at ease when I use it. I also wont let my face dry naturally. I like to use this disposable washcloth, which is clean and convenient.

The above is Zhang Shaohans personal experience, she is such skin care, skin management is really super important, so quickly pay attention to it! Cleaning and maintenance are very important!

What else do you think skin care should pay attention to? Welcome to talk with sister~