The older the girls with these four characteristics, the more attractive they are

 The older the girls with these four characteristics, the more attractive they are

A pair of beautiful eyes and eyebrows

Dont be afraid of fat face, apple muscle is also very good-looking

Facial muscle coordination, apple muscle is also very beautiful Oh

The facial features are harmonious, the contour of the face is good-looking, and there is no extra meat on the face, such as double chin, and more meat on the face. It looks very cute, but it cant be compared with the durability and delicacy. The face is full of collagen, the skin is tender and tight, so people look full of vitality! Of course, the young girl has a lot of patience! The lines of the facial contour are relatively smooth and comfortable.

The girl with apple muscle looks very comfortable and makes the girl look energetic! It looks very young and has a little playful feeling, but if it is too obvious Apple muscle, it doesnt look like that kind of atmosphere, it is more delicate. Therefore, if there is a lot of meat on the face, it seems that it is just lovely, and it is not very wearable, so develop a good looking face and pay attention to your own face shape!

Smile sweet, find a suitable smile

In fact, some girls look ordinary, but as long as it is a smile, it is very infectious, unconsciously attracted by him. Girls who love to laugh are very lucky and bring good luck to the people around them, because their smile is infectious, making others look very comfortable and happy to see them.

However, most people are not good at laughing, some laugh unrestrained, some people laugh very stiff, the corners of the mouth twitch, stiff and unnatural. Some of them laugh so much that their gums are exposed. It looks so scary!

Some people cant control their sense of propriety when they laugh, their facial features are crowded together, and there will be many wrinkles, which also affects the appearance. Therefore, a girls endurance and her smile is inseparable, the girls smile is sweet, ten infectious, when others see them, their heart is warm, can bring people a good mood of the day!

Milk skin, transparent porcelain white skin

The skin is tender, the water is smart, and the white is like milk. I really want to take a sip of it. People with such skin cant help looking at it more. They look clean and have temperament. In peoples eyes, white skin is an advantage, so white and beauty are always linked. If you want to have a beautiful face, white skin can really cover up many shortcomings.

Especially in summer, this advantage is very obvious, white skin girls can always attract peoples attention at the first time, and there are also studies show that most men like girls with fair skin, white skin girls are more durable, let people look more beautiful!

You are really beautiful! My sister loves you~