People who play musical instruments are fashion black holes? Ouyang Nana may be an exception

 People who play musical instruments are fashion black holes? Ouyang Nana may be an exception

Zhao Liying


And two of them love beans

But its just these everyday pants and skirts

It looks more chic and has a little memory~

Meng Meiqi

(Zhang Xueying)

Its still Nabi who has the most say

Every appearance can give us a lot of surprises

She can handle it without difficulty

The point is that it is also suitable for our daily wear~

Its really a new height of beauty

Perfect style of schoolgirl

And the sauce was planted with grass

Several niche immortal brands~

Now lets take you to Kangkang

What good products do these brands have~


This allblack look is really impressive

Formal sense of upper body suit

Plus the chic design of the split functional pants

Its very bumpy but very harmonious

This chic trouser suit comes from a

Domestic minority designer brand nomanoman

This brand has just been established for less than two years

Before, baby was on the show

I had a similar overalls

Brand designer Elise graduated from Parsons

Proenza Schuler has worked

It can also be understood as the meaning of the third gender

Its design is super personality

On the top of the body is that kind of powerful piece

Through disassembly, segmentation and tailoring

Collision of different colors and various details

Let all kinds of basic items

They are extremely visual impact

In addition, its color is also super bold

Either black and white gray or cowboy

Or its a very eye-catching fluorescent color

The pink suit comes from nomanoman

The shorts are from nomanoman

But even if you look at the top of the beans

It seems like its going to be hard to control

But actually most of us look everyday

Yang Chaoyues sister has demonstrated many times

The skirt is from nomanoman


No doubt its this dark cheongsam

Although it looks like the wind

Nabbys ponytail

And the ice blue is irregular

Sleeve & leg cover care machine

A set of super recognizable shapes

Actually, this dress is from Song Xi

Ive been in the Creation Camp for a long time

The choice is to use the braid to match

Smart, playful and a little dark

Hyeinseo brand is actually quite young

It was founded in 2013

Hyeinseo graduated from

It is known as the place of origin of fashion designers

Antwerp Royal Academy of Fine Arts

(Martin Margiela

Raf Simons, everybody knows that)

In fact, before she founded the brand

Is it a student work

Has been recognized by many people

He was also invited to New York Fashion week

The first work

And its in the hands of Rihanna stylists

Rihanna even bought it

Her whole range of looks

Different from the gentle wind of Korean brands in the past

Put punk into the street

There is also a sense of female agent style

Lisa suit from hyeinseo

Her design is especially close to the taste of young people

They can accurately grasp the pain point in their heart

Schoolskills, bad education, late night rush

Detachable design

Theyre all used just right

Futuristic street style

Its not in the minority

For example, in the MV of Quan Zhilongs hit single crooked

This ghost faced mink coat walking on the street

Its from hyeinseo

Inspired by Italian films in 1974


Wu Yifans first singing style of Er San

The wide leg pants are also from his home

This lace up pleated skirt that was brought by Yang Mi before

The most imitated style

/Paris niche brand, beauty and strength/

Finally, I want to give you Amway

Its a pair of boots from Nabis dark spring look

Seriously, the last pair was amazing to me

Or are star bloggers a pair of BV

Compared with BV, they are less selective

Many babies may not have heard of this brand

A low-key player who just wants to talk by strength

Both said he focused on the rubber process

Its more than 30 years old

But it wasnt until 2016 that the first season was officially released

Rubber material is also the main brand

And the quality is really few can match

And in a few short years

It also received the favor of countless love beans

The pair of gaochelsea on Nabis upper body

Its better than my sister

Nnnnn airport is wearing this pair

There is also a white version of this one

Before that, Wanxi made her debut in riding the wind and breaking the waves

Thats what Im wearing

Different types of boots are available

Its basically a combination of the present

The most popular design elements

In addition, the design of her familys canvas shoes

In fact, it is also super chic!

After reading, I want to change the converse pair on my feet

Qin LAN loves his canvas shoes very much

Both black and white come in

Everyday out of the street collocation is also very versatile

Young girls vigor explodes!

In addition, the family will often launch a lot of CO branded series

Some time ago, Liu Yuxin had a pair on her body

Both u00d7 lostgeneral co branded boots

In the classic shape of a Chelsea boot

Add bright metal sheet

Enhance the overall sense of strength and street sense

During Zheng Shuangs recording of variety shows

And a pair of both and chanoir

Super neighborhood girls visual sense with sweater jeans

Although these relatively small brand

Its not as well-known as those top brands

But compared with those popular models that are easy to bump into

In fact, its worth paying for it~

I wonder if the babies have been planted with grass?