I saw Jessicas holiday photo and found out what to wear to see the sea

 I saw Jessicas holiday photo and found out what to wear to see the sea

Standing on the beach, Jessica Zheng Xiuyan is wearing a black asymmetric halter top and jeans shorts. Even in the all black style, Sika with a smile on her face is still very eye-catching~

Jessica put on her ponytail, put on her apple green pleated skirt and walked on the beach. She was the bright girl Sika in summer~

With a white suspender T-shirt and blue high waisted jeans, Jessica leans on the comfortable reclining chair, which is simple and easy to wear, but it looks very refreshing and pleasant.

Enjoying the holiday, Sika also boldly shows her good figure. Her yellow striped swimsuit looks, her long legs overlap, and the light and shadow are whirling in the air~

Beach, straw hat, juice, ice cream Summer is a good time for vacation. Have you arranged your travel equipment?

Cool vacation -- sea beach

Entering the midsummer, the seaside is undoubtedly the most popular resort. Whether it is a short trip or a long holiday, it is a very comfortable and relaxing choice. Cool sea water, hot beach, this presents a bright contrast of the combination, bring a wonderful summer experience.

I remember that the most impressive scene in the British drama the drers is that the drers set the table in the sea and the family half soaks to eat in the sea, which is both warm and original. There is a kind of happiness called facing the sea, spring flowers bloom.

Sunshine, sea, beach, vacation, all these intertwined midsummer dream is what summer should look like. So, how can you be short of a sexy and practical swimsuit when everything is ready?

Small bra with tropical print and printed shorts

Show good figure

Swimsuits with increasingly varied tailoring and surprisingly bold shapes emerge in endlessly. Although it is true that swimsuits are often replaced as consumables, the choice of each swimsuit should not be taken lightly.

Silk scarf for breast

It is undoubtedly the most fashionable and eye-catching shape this summer

Cool and sexy

After all, if you want to be the most dazzling queen on the beach, swimsuit is a big part!


Spring / summer 2020 fashion show


Sexy and not frivolous, Johanna Ortizs one shoulder one-piece swimsuit is eye-catching in terms of color and style, with a sense of confidence and sophistication on her face.

One piece Johanna Ortiz

In addition, the sexy bratop top top and the holiday style beach skirt are also indispensable items for the beach.

Floral bubble sleeve bikini top Peony

Green Print Shorts msgm

Patbo skillfully mastered the appropriate nudity beauty, deep V creates sexy, big open back and cross bandage show the ultimate temptation, and the hollowing out of the waist is more sexy and charming, which makes people fascinated. The skill of small waist essence is on the verge of development.

Cut out dress patbo

Private holiday -- swimming pool garden

Since there are romantic beach vacations, sisters who are more in pursuit of refinement, quality and privacy will not miss more private parties. They contracted the yard, swimming pool and garden, played as much as they could, directed themselves and performed the private Carnival between their sisters.

The wild boy is a school love comedy directed by Nick Moore and starring Emma Roberts and Alex pattiver. It tells the story of a well-off daughter from a wild child who revels in the pool to a pretty lady.

Spacious and comfortable exclusive courtyard, extremely private space, rich entertainment facilities, and perhaps cool and refreshing sunshine swimming pool create a wonderful pink atmosphere for the sisters private party.

Caramel suit with tooling elements

With the pool wood floor tone echo the sunshine vacation wind

In this temporary secluded private space, they can change 80 sets of clothes a day, have tea parties, picnics, and play, and shoot a years fashion blockbuster.

Whether its a fun heart-shaped sunglasses

Its definitely party queen at the pool party

The pattern modeling of scarves has a more bold and sexy interpretation this summer

Pair it with jeans to be sexy and retro

In particular, the exquisite languid style seems to be inadvertently revealed exquisite, high-level and without leaving traces. A casual shot is ins style fake blockbuster.

Lantern sleeves and leather leggings with Booties

Its a bold and refreshing summer match

For example, bratop Mini sling top and Mara Hoffman Mini top, which are popular items in summer, can not be missed. The sexy tiger print of Mara Hoffman Mini top is fashionable, online and versatile. It can be worn alone, but also can be matched inside and outside. The free play index is very high.

Printed bikini Marysia

Mix and match the faithfull the brand bright yellow wide leg pants to be lazy and exquisite.

Bright yellow wide leg pants faithfull the brand

The exaggerated straw hat with big eaves is a necessary prop for the holiday style. It is the founder of palm face.

Straw hat eliurpi

Gold earrings peetdullaert

Your summer vacation plan

Are you ready to put it on the agenda?

Editor: Miyoko