Flesh face girls self-help guide how to teach you to change into the first love face of the nation!

 Flesh face girls self-help guide how to teach you to change into the first love face of the nation!

For example, Zhao Liying is a typical steamed bun face, with curved eyebrows and eyes when smiling, and the collagen on her face can be lovely!

Jennie is also one of the representatives of the flesh face. With the womans make-up and clothes, she becomes fierce~

The characteristics of the flesh face girl is that the contour of her face is softer and her insensitivity is very heavy. But it is also this kind of round toot feeling, fully shows the young state, completely pollution-free~

In real life, many flesh face girls are distressed by their small flesh face. Taking photos is fatter than others. Even if there is no double chin, it makes people feel that there are several layers! Clearly is 90 kg of weight, but was misunderstood as 120 kg to go up, too difficult!

Today, the insect girl will explore with you how to dress up in the end, so that she can make good use of her own advantages and become a national first love face in minutes?

In the aspect of make-up, the first task of a girl with a flesh face is to find a way to create sharp face. If the lines of her face are too smooth, we will create a sharp sense of conflict in the eyebrows, eye makeup, lip makeup and other parts.


First of all, eyebrows, which is the easiest to create a sharp feeling, eyebrows into a good, and the face insensitive a must! Its very nice to switch the eyebrows between the goddess and the goddess in summer.

The key point of wild eyebrows is that you need to use eyebrow pencil one by one to remove the flu, and there must be eyebrow peaks, so as to look heroic and make the face appear angular~

Tell everyone a small tips, after finishing the eyebrows, you can use the mascara to brush up the part of the eye, the wild effect is more natural, and the eyebrows can still stand upright and will not collapse.

Although the eyebrows are savage growth, they must be light when they are transformed. Not everyone can hold the wind of pictorial newspapers.

Eye liner / Eye Liner

The beep of the five senses is actually quite suitable for the eyeliner, not only can increase the effect of the eyes, but also can create different styles. BLACKPINK a cats eye line with a fire is very good, the tail is slightly elongated, the eyes extend to both sides, and can lengthen the visual width.

When making eyeliner, remember to be a little slender, too thick eyeliner can easily become heavy makeup, not suitable for meat face girls.

We have collected some basic styles of eyeliner, so we might as well try to see which one is more suitable for ourselves and practice real knowledge.

@Larmedesirene the water of mermaid

Eyelashes must be curled up! Sasakis flesh face has always given people the warmth of the big sister next door. The curly eyelashes that can slide on the slide give her a little more delicate spirit. She is a real goddess!

Eye makeup can be light, but eyelashes must be online. If their eyelashes are not long enough, then on some treasure into some natural false eyelashes, enlarge the effect of the eyes is not too obvious!

/Eye makeup/

Heavy make-up is easy to be soiled for a girl with a meat face, so light make-up is the best choice to keep her mellow and lovely. If eye makeup, insect sister recommends soul makeup -- cat eye makeup! Focus on the eyes become more slender, and the contour of the face in contrast, there will be milk fierce milk fierce interior taste.

Too mature dark Department of heavy makeup is very easy to step on thunder, give you a negative teaching material Kang Kang. Its the fuming makeup of Wu Li De Shan, which makes her feel disobedient to wear her mothers high-heeled shoes when she was a child. Therefore, the choice of eye shadow needs no exaggeration.

Partly hidden and partly visible on the lips, it is pure and pure, and Wulis good looks are very clear.

If you really want to have a clear sense of makeup, you should start with your upper eyeliner and your lips.

Since the flesh face girls are solid light face, when wearing naked makeup, we must put on lip makeup! I also quite recommend the glass lip, vitality side body a second change first love face, who saw not to say a word I can?

Recently, the fruit juice color style which is popular recently is also suitable for the girl with meat face! The key lies in the lip make-up to clear water bright, pink Dudu lips like fresh and delicious fruit, want to bite!

For the girl with meat face and round face, the basic way to show thin is to practice mandibular line! Like Xiao Zhao, Jennie and Lisa, although their faces are fleshy, their mandible lines are very clear, so the contour lines are excellent, especially when taking side faces.

Rimei Ishihara has shared her own practice jaw line method, B station also has a lot of tutorials. Its the same with practicing Swan arms. You need to stick to it to see the effect~

Video Guide: https://b23.tv/lHhCjl


Round face gives people the first feeling is sweet, so the style of girlish feeling is to follow the advantages. Summer is coming, you can choose some small print floral skirt to wear, Korean fresh one second get.

Wear a baby collar jacket or a pair of trousers, can achieve the effect of double age reduction, every day is a girl!

/Line contour/

Wear more silhouetted and stiff clothes, which can greatly reduce the insensitive of the face. A girl with a flesh face is more discernible than a sweet girl!

Many flesh faced actresses use suits to break through their own styles, especially some shoulder pads. Right angle shoulders with edges and corners will make the whole person stand out a lot. If there is a right angle shoulder, there will be one~

Does diabolical virility sound like it doesnt have anything to do with flesh faced girls? But Jin Duomei in Litai yuan class, leather coat, coat in turn to battle, is a sweet and SA gas field elder sister, who said that the flesh face girl can only be sweet!

/Contrast Sports/

The more contrast there is, the more they can balance out the feeling of flesh. In Xiao Zhaos private clothes, there are many sports clothes on the stage, which are young and energetic~

Lets have a look at human Barbie and human Chanel, two plmm, hand in hand to wear sportswear out of mother mans balanced temperament, sweet first love face and sports wind collision, I love!

Skinny people give me a more flush this years most popular style, a V-neck or large U-neck jacket can lengthen the neck line, so that the flesh face is not so obvious, appropriate summer hot girl!

Dont button the button firmly when you wear a shirt. Untie one or two buttons on it. The naturally formed V-shaped collar is also a sharp tool for modifying the face shape!

Simple double ponytail braiding is really simple. Amway used to write the hair style of womens troupe before. This hairstyle is absolutely eye-catching. You can review it when you have time

Fluffy curly hair is not suitable, it will make the whole face swell up, and there is a kind of forced mature wind, it is not as good as straight black long straight

Or to make a simple ball head, but also play a role in raising the top of the skull, full of vitality

A little bit of thought can play their own flash point

No matter what kind of face a girl is