Indian businessman: wechat is banned, so I cant even do business with Chinese people

 Indian businessman: wechat is banned, so I cant even do business with Chinese people

Frankly speaking, the above-mentioned ban has little impact on a local foreign journalist. The only inconvenience is that some functions of wechat are blocked. Although many friends reported last weekend that wechat officially restricted its users in India to receive and send information, the reporters wechat can still log in normally. However, news links, circle of friends, voice calls and other functions can not be used normally, unless VPN software is used to cross the wall. In fact, reporters have already prepared SMS and other instant messaging software as backup solutions, so the ban can only be regarded as inconvenience at best.

Anku, who lives in New Delhi, often logs on to tiktok, who is under 30 years old. If you cant use tiktok, many fans will be taken away by other competing platforms of the same type.. In his view, tiktok is undoubtedly one of the most receptive platforms for embracing diverse groups and cultures. Many video sharers, including me, dont understand and dont approve of the ban, but we cant express this sentiment publicly, anku told the global times He said that because of the confrontation and conflict between China and India, anti China in India is becoming a kind of political correctness and if there are Indians who dare to defend China, they will undoubtedly be regarded as Indian traitors by many compatriots. Anku also revealed that many video sharers like him were forced to switch to other platforms, but not only had poor experience, but also their income was precipitous decline.

According to the reporters understanding, the above Indias tough policy towards Chinese enterprises will not be cancelled in the short term, and more radical new bans may be introduced in other fields. Im afraid that all we can do, including journalists, is to wait for bilateral relations to warm up and endure all the inconvenience.

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