Israel says it has exchanged fire with Hezbollah in Lebanon on the border

 Israel says it has exchanged fire with Hezbollah in Lebanon on the border

According to a statement issued by the Israel Defense Forces, Hezbollah armed personnel in Lebanon attempted to cross the border into Israel that afternoon. The Israeli army frustrated the operation near the blue line, and no Israeli soldiers were injured in the incident.

An Israeli military spokesman said at a telephone news conference that three to five Hezbollah armed personnel crossed the blue line on the same day, and they fled back to Lebanon after the Israeli army opened fire. Subsequently, Hezbollah fired artillery at Israel. It is not clear about the other sides casualties.

On the same day, the Israeli army issued security tips to Israeli residents near the border, requiring all residents to stay at home, and at the same time, the roads near the border were closed, and non essential vehicles were prohibited.

Hezbollah in Lebanon denies fighting with Israeli troops at the border

Hezbollah in Lebanon issued a statement on the 27th, denying the exchange of fire with Israeli troops in the border area between Lebanon and Israel. On the same day, Israel did not attempt to cross the border with Hezbollah, saying that it did not participate in the operation.

Israel has long regarded Hezbollah in Lebanon as a major security threat, and accused Iran of transporting weapons to Hezbollah via the Syrian land corridor, resulting in tense border situation between Israel and Lebanon.

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