Shock wave of Dongguans purchase restriction: business is booming, Shenzhen people are determined to save 5 Suites

 Shock wave of Dongguans purchase restriction: business is booming, Shenzhen people are determined to save 5 Suites

At 4 p.m., the intermediary Xiao AI took a job with milk tea. The next day, a Guangzhou girl and her boyfriend came to see the house. The group leader told her that the couple were not familiar with Dongguan, so they should take them for a walk.

At 0:00 on July 25, Dongguan announced the policy of purchasing restriction for the third time in a month. The couple broke the appointment.

The notice on further promoting the stable and healthy development of the real estate market in our city (hereinafter referred to as the notice) jointly issued by Dongguan Municipal Bureau of housing and urban rural development in conjunction with 12 departments is known as the strictest real estate market regulation policy in Dongguan history. The notice clearly states that houses purchased after the new deal need to obtain the property right certificate for three years before they can be traded; the purchase of non Dongguan household registration is fully restricted; whether it is to buy a new house or a second-hand house, it needs at least one year of social security to buy a house in Dongguan; if a family has two suites, it will not be able to buy another house.

Wake up, a large number of people lost the qualification to buy a house.

Frying pan

As soon as the news came out, there were no less than 5 groups of Dongguan buying houses.

At 2:50 a.m. on July 25, the Ding Dong wechat prompt sound showed the silence of summer night. A foreign boss who opened a printing factory in Dongguan made a sad speech in the group: the second-hand house has no chance to get on the bus. At 6:17 in the morning, the group leader forwarded his tweet on the new deal of restricting purchase that he wrote all night: I think this price limit is relatively mild.

More people know the news in the morning.

From 7:00 in the morning, the sound of Ding Dong in Dongguans buying houses has been rising one after another. Many people have come to the stage of signing contracts, paying deposits and even bank loans, but they have become extremely anxious because they do not meet the conditions of this purchase restriction.

The rooster crows in the middle of the night. When I wake up, Im not qualified to see the second-hand house today. There are also people who have just transferred their ownership and wail: am I on guard at a high position?

In fact, I have heard a little bit about the restrictions before, but I felt that the documents on July 2 had already been restricted, so I didnt urge the intermediary to sign for me online. Gu Xin, a female white-collar worker in Shenzhen, has just started a real estate in Dongguan South City with an average price of 45000 yuan per square meter.

Xiaoai, an intermediary who has been in the industry for two years, also believes that in a short period of time, Dongguan is unlikely to limit its purchase three times.

AI is from the perspective of just needed customers: there are too many foreigners in Dongguan. Many people dont have social security and provident fund. The purchase restriction will hurt a lot. Mr. Zhan, who has been selling first-hand houses in country garden for a long time, thinks that if the restrictions on purchase are increased now, a large number of new house inventory may be overstocked until next year. Once developers reduce prices or even sell at a loss in order to collect money, there will be a situation of first-hand and second-hand houses hanging upside down.

More people firmly believe that buying a house in Dongguan is just needed, and there is no need to crack down and restrict the purchase.

Dongguan is close to Shenzhen in the South and Guangzhou in the north. Now is the time to attract talents. How to attract high-income people from Shenzhen if purchasing is restricted Think about the feeling of deep floating that you cant afford to buy a house. Its all hyped by the intermediary. I urge you to buy a house.

At about 5:00 p.m. on July 24, some people in Dongguan buying houses said happily: its almost time to leave work. It seems that the news of limited purchase is false.


It has risen for more than half a year. Dongguans restrictions on purchasing are not without signs.

On July 21, an intermediary released a message: this Friday, Dongguan will open restrictions on purchase. Few people take seriously: at the beginning of this month, Dongguan just issued the policy of restricting purchase.

On July 2, Dongguan issued the pre-sale volume restriction and tightened the price limit policy for new houses to the first-hand housing market; on July 15, Dongguan issued the notice on strengthening the disclosure of online sales information of commercial residential buildings; 10 days later, the release of the notice made the outside world cry out for surprise.

Within a month, Dongguan property market has been patched three times, for only one reason: the property market is too hot.

According to the data of, since this year, Dongguans house prices once led the country. Both the first-hand house and the second-hand house have increased by astonishing. In terms of first-hand houses, Wanjiang District, Houjie Town and Dongcheng District of Dongguan have seen a particularly fierce rise, of which Wanjiang has increased by 48.8% year on year; in terms of second-hand houses, the prices of second-hand houses have jumped seriously, especially in Songshan Lake and Nancheng District, where the second-hand listing prices generally exceed 40000 yuan / m2, and some of them even exceed 60000 yuan / m2.

According to AI, after the introduction of regulatory policies in early July, the market response was minimal. In Dongguan house purchase group, everybody on the contrary discussed more warmly.

Its worthwhile to start with the regulated places. regulation is to slow down the rise. if you dont buy it, Songshan Lake and Nancheng will cost 60000 yuan / square meter! More and more people enter the group to consult and buy a house every day. Many people openly say that they already have 2-3 Suites in hand, but they still want to wait and see.

This big rise in the first half of the year has popularized Dongguans urban positioning: an important city in Dawan District, a transportation center, short supply and industrial clusters. In the group of buying houses, some people summed up four reasons for hoarding.


We soon found that for the registered population of Dongguan City, the new policy of restricting the purchase of new houses has almost no lethality: it is still limited to two sets of new houses, and there is no social security requirement; there is no limit to the number of second-hand houses.

Shenzhens 7.15 new policy has double restrictions on household registration and social security qualification, while Dongguan is still a single social security limit for non Dongguan households. It depends on whether Dongguans industrial base is sufficient to attract talents to settle in Dongguan, thus directly breaking the threshold restrictions of the new policy. Chen Honghai, general manager of e-ju Cray in Shenzhen, analyzed the new deal.

Take a closer look, this is not a restriction at all, but to increase the registered population of Dongguan by buying a house. As long as you enter the household, you can still buy and buy. On July 25th, after the initial anxiety, the intelligent masses gave their own interpretation of the new policy.

I consulted a lot of intermediary, all said that although the loan came down, but because there is no online signature, still cant trade. Gu Xin is a graduate student, so it is not difficult to enter Dongguan. He only needs to show his social security and residence permit for more than one month. But she said that if the purchase failed this time, she would not consider entering Dongguan: we have come to this stage, but we still cant buy a house. The policy here is too inhumane.

Having said that, notice after the release of Dongguan household registration service organization business suddenly a lot of fire.

Dongguan real estate market big V is the most sensitive, in addition to the original housing group, and have opened a household registration advisory group, and in the group recommended a number of intermediary accounts. At 9:00 p.m. on July 25, a full-time employee of the organization who entered the household examination was still working overtime. This year, there have been 5000 people who have passed our institutional examination. The employee said that in the past, the main reason for foreigners to enter the house was for their children to go to school, and the consultation in these two days was basically the fried tenants. He realized that he had said something wrong and quickly changed his words, its just needed, not real estate.

Saving house

Over the past six months, Dongguans high housing prices, in the end, are they rising on the basis of just in need of customers, or are they being arched by speculators?

In the past 10 years, many young people feel that Dongguan is slowly fading away from the stereotype of workers paradise, and is replaced by a new label of Shenzhen innovation + Dongguan intelligent manufacturing: represented by Huaweis Songshan Lake Research Center, Vankes architectural research center, and Xinjiangs R & D Department, a large number of enterprises from Shenzhen have been gathered in Dongguans Songshan Lake.

Shenzhen and Dongguan have entered a virtuous circle of communication in the industrial field. In the past two years, the Eastward Strategy has been used to drain some of Shenzhens permanent residents to surrounding cities such as Dongguan and Huizhou, accelerating the integration of Shenzhen, Dongguan and Huizhou metropolitan area, which has become the focus of urban development often talked about by Shenzhen officials.

At present, it takes only 17 minutes to get to humen from Shenzhen North railway station. Dongguan is building metro lines 1 and 3 to extend to the Linshen area, laying the groundwork for direct connection to Shenzhen Metro in the future. Because of this unique geographical location, many people believe that the soaring housing prices in Dongguan in the past year have only filled in the prices originally due to this wide and deep depression in housing prices.

Ive been in Dongguan for 7 years, and I bought a house at first because the house in my hometown is not cheap. Li Maosheng, the boss of a hardware factory in Dongguan, is from a rural area in Ganzhou City, Jiangxi Province. When he first came to Dongguan in 2013, the house price in his hometown county was nearly 8000 yuan / m2, while the new house in Dongguan near Dongguan City was only about 10000 yuan / m2.

After struggling for several years, the scale of the factory is getting bigger and bigger. In 2018, Li Maosheng spent another 3 million yuan to buy a villa in shilijiang bay for his son, who is about to marry. At the beginning of the year, Li Maosheng found that the villa had risen to 5 million yuan. In June of this year, an intermediary called to ask whether it would be sold for 6 million yuan?

Li Maosheng didnt think he was speculating in real estate: I was purely attracted by the entrepreneurial environment in Dongguan, where the industrial chain is complete. If you want some kind of cartons and parts, its easy to find cooperation in the factory next door. Its also very convenient to go to Shenzhen to discuss business with my overseas clients.

Li Maosheng also mentioned that during the epidemic period, the Japanese material store invested by his son suffered serious losses, and the foreign trade industry was also severely damaged. Some factory owners had to go to the real estate market. In their view, house is the hard currency. I didnt buy a house during the epidemic, but I understand the owners who buy. Business is not easy to do, money in the bank and devaluation. Even what happened? If you dont have a few properties on hand, the bank may not even dare to lend you a loan. Li Maosheng said.

Different from Li Maosheng, in Dongguan, the real demand for housing comes from a group of young people working in Guangzhou and Shenzhen.

In recent years, housing prices have skyrocketed in Shenzhen, and many young people who have just graduated have lost hope of buying a house in Shenzhen.

Chen song has been married for many years. He bought a house in Dongguan in 2015 and 2020, bringing about a total value-added of about 2.5 million yuan. As they work in Futian, Shenzhen, it is impossible for the couple to commute every day. At present, these two sets of rooms with an average price of 40000 yuan / m2 are being rented. In Futian, anjuke showed that the average listing price in June was 97000 yuan / square meter.

Chen Song and his wife plan to wait for the birth of the child, both resign to settle in Dongguan. I plan to save five suites in Dongguan in my life. This is the closest way for ordinary people to financial freedom. If I need to buy a third apartment, I will let my wife or children enter Dongguan, and I will keep my Shenzhen household registration. Chen song has already planned the future of a family, it can be regarded as a little bit of welfare of Dongguan hukou.

Gu Xin, who is stuck in the online signing process, is nearly 30 years old. It has always been her wish to have a set of premarital real estate. In Shenzhen, she couldnt realize this wish, but in Dongguan, she found her favorite house. If I can buy a house this time, I can get married at ease..

For young people like Chen Song and Gu Xin who are struggling in Shenzhen, the slow development of their hometowns in the mainland has become a nostalgia that they cant go back to. They cant buy a house in Shenzhen in a short time with their current salary. Between the two dilemmas, only to look at Dongguan.

Turn to war

On July 25, when the purchase restriction policy was issued, a 75 square meter house in Dongguan Kaixuan International Co., Ltd. was reduced by 300000 yuan, and a 97 square meter house of Vanke Songhu legend was reduced by 150000 yuan. However, on July 27, according to AI, the two sets of houses with reduced prices were still not sold.

Just one day ago, Dongguan has resumed its former vitality.

If you need to see the house, please sign up with me. Ill see the house at 6:30 tonight. An owner who was selling a school district house yelled in the crowd. She sells a subway house in Guancheng School District, where primary and junior high schools can attend Guancheng Central Primary School and Dongguan middle school. Because good school district housing is still in short supply of resources, the impact of purchase restriction on her can be almost ignored.

Official data show that since 2010, the permanent population of Dongguan has increased from 8.2248 million to 8.3922 million in 2018. In 2019, the permanent resident population of Dongguan will reach 8.46 million, ranking first among prefecture level cities, next only to Guangzhou and Shenzhen. Dongguans purchase restriction may attract this part of the people. During the epidemic period, the public security department has more data on the permanent population. In fact, the permanent population of Dongguan has exceeded 10 million. Dongguan Public Security Department of a staff image for example, now go out more and more traffic jams, you did not see Haidilao and Xi tea shop also more and more? On July 27, Xiao AI said that many of her peers began to forward the advertisement of Huizhou real estate. These intermediaries have updated their circle of friends: Shenzhen 7.15 new policy, I take you to the road, you lose the qualification to buy a house; Dongguan 7.25 new policy, I was woken up in the middle of the night, see you cant buy Dongguan; dont think about it! Im afraid Ill take you half way in two days. Theres no room in Huizhou. (Xiao AI, Chen Song, Gu Xin are pseudonyms in the article) source of this article: Wang Xiaowu, editor in charge of times weekly_ NF

Official data show that since 2010, the permanent population of Dongguan has increased from 8.2248 million to 8.3922 million in 2018. In 2019, the permanent resident population of Dongguan will reach 8.46 million, ranking first among prefecture level cities, next only to Guangzhou and Shenzhen. Dongguans purchase restriction may attract this part of the people.

(Xiao AI, Chen Song and Gu Xin are pseudonyms)