Guangdong mens basketball team is promoted to King

 Guangdong mens basketball team is promoted to King

The regular season of the 2019-2020 CBA League season ended last night. This is the first time in the history of CBA to interrupt the League due to the epidemic situation, and the CBA is also the first domestic professional league to play in the post epidemic period. In this special season, CBA also presents many changes, the coming playoffs will be more interesting.

Each of the three Guangdong armies has its own performance

Guangdongs three teams have their own unforgettable moments and gains in the regular season.

Even though Guangdong won 29 games in the regular season, it still has some difficulties. At present, the teams staffing and tactical system has been very mature - now the teams goal is to point to the 10th championship in the history of the team.

After the rematch, Chinas Guangzhou team was led by Ding Wei. Ding Wei has made great efforts in team management, repeatedly emphasizing the importance of spiritual input and hard work. He also hopes to work with all the players of Guangzhou team to try to take off the hat of the weak team. In a series of games, Guangzhou team often showed their fighting spirit and energy. Due to the teams young team, lack of experience, many opportunities have not been grasped, they still need to exercise and grow. Although not in the playoffs, the team has a future.

Another Guangdong team, Shenzhen leader, encountered great difficulties in the rematch. Shenzhen team played with the all China team, and many of the main players in the team were injured and couldnt complete the game with a relatively complete lineup. At the end of the regular season, the head coach Wang Jianjun left the team because of family affairs, and assistant coach Qiu Biao was ordered to face the crisis. Although the whole team worked hard, the teams performance was not ideal and failed to enter the playoffs u2014u2014But the professional league is so cruel, looking forward to the next season the team can regroup.

All China class teams outstanding performance

The novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic swept the world. There are many teams in the CBA rematch which are not in the same line. But this situation also makes people have an unexpected discovery - many all China class teams have played a gratifying performance; more domestic players have taken their own responsibility.

Combined with the performance before and after the rematch, Wang Zhelin is the only one among the domestic players. The MVP of last season averaged 26.1 points, 11.6 rebounds, 2.2 assists and 1.3 blocks per game this season. His average score is the highest among domestic players in the league. And Fujian team has also become the upcoming playoffs, much anticipated dark horse..

Zhejiang Shuangxiong, after the second round performance is very eye-catching. Zhejiang Guangxia is known as the strongest all China class. Relying on the lineup of all domestic players, they have defeated Beijing, Liaoning and other teams with foreign aid allocation. Zhejiang mens basketball team, whose average age is less than 24 years old, has been loved by fans with its fast playing method, accurate outside shooting and good match rhythm.

When there is no foreign aid, domestic players have more performance space and can better show themselves. In the future, CBAs policy on reducing the number of foreign aid players has been proved to be forward-looking.

The new competition system of playoffs is worth looking forward to

The upcoming CBA playoffs are probably the most exciting playoffs in history.

It can be seen from the competition system. In terms of the previous competition system, 12 teams participated in the CBA playoffs. The first round of the first round of the regular seasons playoffs was vacant, and a total of 8 teams from 5 to 12 played a 3-win cross elimination match, and the top team had a home advantage; in the quarter finals, the best of five system was used, and the semi-final and the finals were both win-win-7.

However, after the restart of the season, the CBA League has made a major adjustment: the first two rounds of the playoffs will be changed to the single elimination system, that is, the single game elimination system will be adopted for the 12-in-8, 8-in-4 games. The semi-finals and finals adopt the system of two wins in three games.

For Guangdong Hongyuan, the only one of the three teams to enter the playoffs, adjusting the state is the top priority. Because of the top ranking, the first round of Hongyuan was vacant; after the end of the official battle on July 26, after the Beijing Guangdong war, Hongyuan needed to rest until August 2 to fight the winner between the 8th Qingdao team and the 9th Shandong team. After breaking through the first round, Guangdong will face the top four teams of Beijing, Guangxia and Fujian - if everything goes well, the following is the finals.

The final ranking of the top 12 in the playoffs is: 1 Guangdong; 2 Xinjiang; 3 Liaoning; 4 Beijing; 5 Guangxia; 6 Zhejiang; 7 North control; 8 Qingdao; 9 Shandong; 10 Jilin; 11 Shanxi; 12 Fujian.

The first round of this seasons CBA playoffs will start on July 31. The first round of the playoffs will adopt the single defeat elimination.