90percent of men cant get rid of this disease. Dont develop cancer

 90percent of men cant get rid of this disease. Dont develop cancer

It is worth noting that in recent years, the incidence rate of prostate cancer has increased rapidly in China, ranking first in the male urogenital system tumors (prostate cancer, bladder cancer, and renal cancer).

1. Genetic factors. The grandparents had prostate cancer, and the next generation had a higher prevalence. Therefore, if grandparents have prostate cancer, physical examination should pay more attention.

The incidence rate of prostate cancer is so high. What symptoms should we pay attention to? In fact, prostate cancer is very cunning. There are almost no special symptoms in the early stage. Some symptoms are even similar to BPH, such as frequent urination, urgency of urination, and occasionally hematuria. Therefore, once discovered, prostate cancer is basically advanced.

Fortunately, the course of prostate cancer development is relatively slow, the survival time of patients is relatively long, there are many treatment methods, and the overall survival time is far longer than other cancer patients.

For cancer patients, early detection and early diagnosis are of great benefit to the treatment. So, in life, do we need regular screening to prevent prostate cancer? Prostate specific antigen (PSA) test and digital rectal examination should be carried out every year after the age of 45 for those whose grandparents have prostate cancer, which is helpful for early diagnosis; for those with no family history, the same examination should be carried out after the age of 50.

In a word, prostate cancer treatment methods are more, the mortality rate is low, patients do not have to worry too much, to maintain a good mood, can achieve good therapeutic effect.

Expert interviewed: Zhou Liqun, chief physician of Urology Department of the first hospital of Peking University

Source: Peoples network editor: Geng Yiwen_ NJ6040