To make up for eating empty cigarettes

 To make up for eating empty cigarettes

However, Ronaldo had no intention of passing the ball at all, and the Portuguese chose to force a shot after crossing one step. Ronaldos shot was saved by the goalkeeper, and bernadeskie followed up and scored. During C Rowes Cross trip, iguai was already very depressed and roared. At this time, Higuain has been offside, he can no longer participate in the attack. After bernardelski scored, Higuain did not take part in the celebration for the first time. Argentines were obviously in a bad mood.

Between Ronaldo and Higuain, there is not enough call, which is also the important reason why Real Madrid left Benzema to release the small smoker. Maybe Ronaldo also realized that he was unique in this attack, and soon after, he gave iguaine a compensatory feeding cake. On the left side of the penalty area, Ronaldo didnt force a shot this time, but passed the ball across to Higuain at the back. But what makes people speechless is that the small smoke gun kicked the empty door.

Fortunately, Juve won the title ahead of time, and the small unhappiness on the field disappeared. Yesterday, C Rowe took his family to sea for a holiday. He sent a group photo of the family of six on the yacht to INS. Ronaldo Georgina held a daughter respectively, and her eldest son, mini Luo, held her younger brother Matteo in her arms. Theres nothing better than celebrating victory with a loved one. C. Rowe wrote this way.

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