World Hepatitis Day: can hepatitis B vaccine be permanently immunized?

 World Hepatitis Day: can hepatitis B vaccine be permanently immunized?

Hepatitis B is very infectious. According to experts, the most effective way to prevent hepatitis B is to inject hepatitis B vaccine, which is the most important measure to prevent and control the epidemic of hepatitis B in China. However, hepatitis B vaccine has an expiration date, which is not once and for all. Some children have been vaccinated as children, but with age, the surface antibody of hepatitis B virus five items may still be negative. Hepatitis B antibody is also our clinical in hepatitis B five said surface antibody, it protects us from hepatitis B virus infection. After the human body has been injected with hepatitis B vaccine according to the original procedure of 0,1,6, a kind of antibody against hepatitis B virus will be produced in the serum of human body. If it is positive in clinical examination, it will protect the human body from the invasion of hepatitis B virus.

It is reported that about 85% of the people do not know the validity of hepatitis B vaccine, thinking that it is an injection, immunity for life. In fact, this is not true. The successful vaccination of hepatitis B vaccine is not life-long immunization. The antibody titer in the body will gradually decrease or even disappear with the passage of time. The situation of each vaccinator is different, and there are individual differences. Some people have higher antibody level and longer duration after hepatitis B vaccination; while some people have lower antibody level and shorter duration after hepatitis B vaccination. When the antibody in the body decreases or disappears, hepatitis B vaccine should be replanted. If you need to know your own antibody situation, it is recommended to do hepatitis B virus antibody examination in the hospital, and the doctor should decide whether to re breed.

Xinmin Evening News reporter Zuo Yan

Source: Xinmin Evening News Editor in charge: Geng Yiwen_ NJ6040