Lan Yingying, you look like my mother when you force others to work hard

 Lan Yingying, you look like my mother when you force others to work hard

Yes, LAN Yingying, as an actress, is good at singing dance instruments, self-discipline and sports, and makes her own book list. As the saying goes, art is more than the body, and skills are full of fear is the dream of many ordinary people, but most people are very difficult to like her, with a plan can also put into action.

Therefore, for a time, she became the object of many peoples worship and pursuit. It can be seen that the effort to learn to bully people is not the reason why they are not loved, but even increase their popularity.

What makes LAN Yingying in dispute?


The older players want to take off the sandbags due to the lack of physical strength for a long time, but they are rejected by LAN Yingying. She said that because she had been training with sandbags, she won the first place in the first round of individual performance competition. If everyone can learn from her, then the strength of the whole team will certainly be improved.

The way she persuades others to work hard reminds me of my mom... Its scary.

Isnt this the excellent employee who forces all colleagues to work overtime all day long?

I dont deny that Lan Yingying is self disciplined and makes great efforts to become better, but others have no obligation to help you complete your competitive heart.

In reality TV shows, everyones style of dealing with the world is shown mercilessly in the spotlight. LAN Yingying is indeed a frank person who does not conceal her ambition and domineering power. Of course, it is no problem, and it is also a bonus item. But the question is whether it is appropriate to impose this ambition on others.


I cant understand such a simple math problem. Whats the reason why she cant do it?

She just scares us and wants to be lazy.

However, it is a cruel fact: even if the parents graduated from the top 2 universities such as Tsinghua University and Peking University, Shanghai University has exceeded the median level of their children. It is a small probability that children want to achieve the same results as their parents.

This is a natural phenomenon caused by regression effect, a statistical term that means extreme test values will eventually converge to the average. We have introduced this phenomenon in previous articles. For details, see why is it easy to criticize children for addiction?? In fact, we were cheated.

Compared with the average level of the family, it is an extremely excellent extreme value. If we want to estimate the level of children, we must return to the average. If you want to be as gifted as your parents, its very unlikely from a probability point of view.

My father gave me a piece of advice in my early years, which still haunts me today. Whenever you want to criticize people, he told me, remember that not everyone in the world has the advantages you have.

Whats more, when someone in your ear constantly urges you to work hard, its easier to give birth to rebellious psychology, and what you want to do will also lose interest.

Maslow, a humanistic psychologist, believes that on the basis of meeting low-level needs, everyone has the motivation of self realization.

Without anyones supervision, they will also have a thirst for knowledge and take the initiative to learn; they will work hard and yearn for others respect; they will be creative and share their own opinions.

Imagine if the boss sends 2020 in wechat group all day long, please cherish your enterprise! Cherish your boss! u300bPeople who dont work overtime late at night are not enough to talk about the success of the workplace and either work or roll. do you want to do something even if you have good ideas to improve your performance?

According to a paper published in epidemiology and public health, urging and nagging can even affect physical and mental health. Researchers conducted a follow-up survey of 5000 Danish families and found that children who suffer from parents nagging for a long time have an increased risk of depression and anxiety, leading to various health problems such as heart disease and weakened immune system.

I must make it clear at the end that this push is not aimed at any artist, nor is it intended to erase the connotation of hard work, struggle and struggle. Theres nothing wrong with these positive energies. Who cares about getting better?

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