Chinese film night warm embrace Chang Yuan Qiao Shan, Alan Wang Ning

 Chinese film night warm embrace Chang Yuan Qiao Shan, Alan Wang Ning

As for the good friends including Qiao Shan, Allen and Wang Ning, who can participate in their own film, Chang Yuan frankly said that it has been more than three years since the film was prepared, and he is looking forward to seeing the film with the audience as soon as possible. Although Qiao Shan jokingly said that he was aiming at Li Qin, his friendship with Chang Yuan since 2007 was the main reason why he decided to play. I.Q. responsibility Allen recalled Chang Yuans behind the scenes story that in order to maintain the figures posture, Chang Yuan only ate ten grains of beef for a meal, which made his good brothers feel deeply distressed. Wang Nings wonderful appearance in the previously released Trailer surprised many audiences. He confessed that he had not cooperated with so many good brothers for many years. This opportunity is rare and must be cooperated once.

Warm embrace will be finished in mid January 2020. In the intense post production process, it is also paying attention to the changes in the film industry all the time. As for the story core of the film, Li Yaping, the producer and chief producer of warm embrace, said, the film tells the story of two lonely souls meeting each other at a low point in life, and their lives are rejuvenated. We invited the best domestic comedians who grew up with Chang Yuan to join us, hoping to bring laughter to the audience..

Wang Zhonglei, chief producer of warm embrace, also said that after the epidemic, the audiences voice for watching comedy was very high. This time to launch a warm, powerful and comic way to tell peoples growth can not only bring laughter to everyone, but also send a warm hug to cinemas, contributing to the recovery of the industry.

The comedy film warm embrace is produced by Shanghai Aimei film and television culture media Co., Ltd., Huayi Brothers Film Co., Ltd., Shanghai taopiao film and Television Culture Co., Ltd., Huanhuan Xixi (Tianjin) Cultural Investment Co., Ltd., Beijing infinite freedom Cultural Media Co., Ltd., Qingdao Hanming Film Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Yasi Media Co., Ltd., and Xian Qujiang Film Co., Ltd It is jointly produced by vision investment (Group) Co., Ltd., Pingtan xidongdong film and Television Co., Ltd. and Chongqing runjinhui film and television culture media Co., Ltd., and starred by Chang Yuan, Li Qin, Shen Teng and Qiao Shan, and will be released in 2020.