Too much data from EU regulators

 Too much data from EU regulators

Since last year, Facebook has been under scrutiny by EU antitrust regulators, with one survey focusing on the vast amount of data it collects, and the other on its 2016 online market, where 800 million Facebook users in 70 countries and regions use the market to buy and sell goods.

Since then, Facebook said it has provided 315000 documents, or about 1.7 million pages, to the European Union.

The extremely wide range of information requests in the EU means that we will be required to hand over a large number of documents unrelated to our investigation, including highly sensitive personal information, such as medical information of employees, personal financial documents and personal information of family members of employees, Tim lamb, deputy general counsel of Facebook, said in a statement. We believe that such requests should be examined by the European Court of justice.

The European Commission said it would defend itself in court.

One person familiar with the matter said EU regulators combed the documents through about 2500 search terms, including big issues, closure and bad for us. Such search terms can be found in employee health information, performance reviews and even job applications, which are apparently unrelated to the EU survey, the person said.

Court documents also show that, in addition to lawsuits against EU regulators, Facebook is seeking interim measures from the Luxembourg based European permanent court to stop such data requests before a judge makes a ruling. (small)

Source: Wang Fengzhi, editor in charge of Netease science and Technology Report_ NT2541