U.S. stocks closed up Monday: TSMC up 13percent, Intel down 2percent

 U.S. stocks closed up Monday: TSMC up 13percent, Intel down 2percent

The Dow Jones index rose 114.88 points, or 0.43%, to 26584.77; the standard & Poors 500 index rose 0.74% to 3239.41; and the Nasdaq composite index outperformed the market, rising 1.67% to 10536.27.

Specifically, in the U.S. stock market on Monday, most of the leading tech stocks rose, with Apples share price closing at $379.24, up 2.37%; Googles parent company, alphabet, up 1.21% to $1530.20; Amazon to $3055.21, up 1.54%; Microsoft to $203.85, up 1.27%; Facebook to $233.50, up 1.21%; Oracle to close at $55.34, down 0.5% 56%; IBM closed at $126.21, up 0.33%; Netflix closed at $495.65, up 3.16%; Tesla closed at $1539.60, up 8.65%; twitter fell 1.84%, Uber fell 0.61%; LYFT fell 1.74%.

The leading chip companies in the U.S. stock market generally rose, TSMC rose 12.65% to $83.25, with a total market value of over $430 billion; NVIDIA closed at $416.86, up 2.23%; Intel closed at $49.57, down 2.02%; Broadcom closed at $312.68, up 2.25%; Texas Instruments closed at $131.12, up 1.92%; Qualcomm closed at $92.70, up 4.29%; amd closed at $68.97, It fell 0.62%, applied materials rose 3.94%, and micron technology rose 3.14%.

The main Chinese stocks listed in the United States generally rose, with Netease closing at US $451.91, up 0.80%, Alibaba at US $250.86, up 0.75%, Jingdong at US $62.78, up 3.12%, Baidu at US $115.86, down 2.66%, pinduoduo at US $83.44, up 5.69%, BiliBili Bili at US $41.32, up 3.04%, tal at US $78.50, up 3.64%; Iqiyi rose 1.52% to US $20.71, followed by Xuexue to US $87.37, up 7.60%, Weibo to US $33.11, down 1.81%, Sina up 0.07%, Sohu up 39.96%, Sogou up 48.00%, Ctrip up 2.77%, 51job up 2.69%, car home up 4.53%, 58 cities down 0.22%, Weilai down 1.10% and Jinshan cloud up 2.57%.

Apple shares rose 2.37%; Amazon rose 1.54% after several analysts raised their target share price; Facebook, Netflix and alphabet also rose. Apple, Amazon, Facebook and alphabet, which are all due to report earnings this week, are the main drivers of the indexs rise.

After the announcement of another $472 million of government funding for the new RNA vaccine, it was used to boost the popularity of the US market. Shares in the biomedical company Moderna rose 9.2%.

The CBOE volatility index (VIX), considered the best measure of market fear, fell below 25. The yield on the benchmark 10-year Treasury note remained unchanged at 0.59%. (Liu Chun)

Source: Wang Fengzhi, editor in charge of Netease science and Technology Report_ NT2541