Why do the defectors suspected of being infected with the new crown cross the border twice in three years

 Why do the defectors suspected of being infected with the new crown cross the border twice in three years

A North Korean defector suspected of being infected with the new coronavirus illegally crossed the border between the two Koreas and returned to the DPRK on July 19, according to the DPRK China News Agency on July 26. After the news was released by North Korea, the South Korean army also confirmed the news, and then locked in and investigated Jin, a male defector who had joined South Korea in 2017 but lost contact.

According to South Korean media reports, Kim, 24, came to South Korea from Kaesong, North Korea, three years ago, and has lived in Gyeonggi province since then.

According to an article in the Central Daily on the 27th, Kim expressed his determination to leave North Korea through the YouTube channel of Jin Zhenya, a defector of North Korea.

In a video released by the channel on June 23, Jin said that life has become increasingly difficult since the closure of the Kaesong industrial park, so he decided to come to South Korea.

According to Xinhua news agency, on February 10, 2016, the South Korean government suddenly announced that it would completely suspend the operation of the Kaesong industrial park and evacuate the personnel of South Korean enterprises, in response to the continuous nuclear tests and long-range rocket launches conducted by North Korea at the beginning of the year. North Korea immediately tit for tat, the next day announced the closure of the park, freezing all South Korean assets, and withdrawing North Korean workers from the park.

Against this background, Jin said that he had once made a living by panning for gold and digging herbs, but the results were not very good..

After the closure of the industrial park, everything stopped running. My aunt who worked in the park used to help us, but now she is back in the countryside because of her poor life. (in despair) I went up Baima Mountain (located in haipingli of Kaicheng city) and after three days of self abandonment, I finally saw the direction of Jinpu. Although it was not the first time I looked at Jinpu, the bright lights there attracted me in the evening.

According to the Yonhap news agency, Jin was summoned in the middle of last month for suspected sexual violence against a well-known female defector. According to the Jinpu police department, an arrest warrant was issued for a 20-year-old defector who was suspected of sexual assault and threatened the victim. However, Jin denied his suspicion and disappeared since then. Police have been unable to contact him.

Jin Zhenya also confirmed this information to the central daily, Jin told me not long ago that he was innocent and involved in a sexual assault case, and I introduced his friends and professors to him.. She said that perhaps because Kim didnt want to be put on an electronic foot ring and missed his family, he chose to cross the border to return to North Korea.

The report also said that the police had received intelligence that Kim may cross the border to return to North Korea, and took measures to prohibit his departure. However, it still failed to prevent Jin from returning to Korea.

Cross the border

Kim junluo, head of the bulletin room of the South Korean joint staff headquarters, said at a regular press conference on the same day that the South Korean military presumed that Kim, a defector who had recently crossed the border and returned to North Korea, had crossed the river to the DPRK from the area of Jianghua Island in Incheon City, South Korea, the Yonhap news agency reported.

It is understood that Jianghua island is located at the mouth of the Hanjiang River on the west side of the Korean Peninsula. It is the fourth largest island in South Korea, and the water flow nearby is relatively slow. There is only one Han River between Jianghua island and Kaesong in North Korea, which has become one of the main routes for defectors to enter South Korea directly.

The South Korean military also found the backpack abandoned by the suspected defector in the area of Jianghua Island, and judged by monitoring that he had been to the site. As for the specific time of his cross-border return to the DPRK, Jin junluo said that the military is considering meteorological conditions and other factors to carry out an investigation.

It is understood that Kim also swam from the lower reaches of the Han River three years ago, crossing the border from North Korea to South Korea. According to the central daily, in August 2017, Mr. Kim swam south in front of Qiaotong Island, the five islands in the West Sea. He swam South and crossed the boundary line between the east of the DPRK and South Korea. He was found by the South Korean Marine Corps sentinel who used the infrared induction imaging system (TOD) to monitor the sea area and arrived in South Korea safely.


In the report, the Korean Central News Agency pointed out that Jin Zhengen severely criticized the vigilance and duty situation of the troops in the area where the incident happened on the case that defectors crossed the border and fled back to North Korea. He decided to conduct an in-depth investigation into the incident, severely punish the relevant personnel involved and take corresponding measures.

In addition, South Korean media also pointed out that if Kim did escape back to North Korea by swimming, it would mean that the border guard system of the South Korean military was completely invalid. Because it is a key area for South Korea to maintain the sea and coastal border police at all times, but the South Korean military not only failed to prevent Kim from crossing the border, but also knew nothing about it after the incident.

The Central Daily quoted South Korean government sources as saying that the military did not know that Kim returned to North Korea after reporting in North Korea.. The biggest problem is that the repeated occurrence of such cases confirms that there are indeed loopholes in South Koreas border guard. At a regular press conference on July 27, ROK Unification Ministry spokesman LV Shangji said that in the past five years, the number of defectors returning to North Korea confirmed by the Ministry of unification through the DPRK reports and other channels totaled 11, including 3 in 2015, 4 in 2016 and 4 in 2017.

According to the report, the South Korean military has sent a combat readiness situation inspection team of the Joint Staff Headquarters to investigate the details of the incident. The combat readiness situation inspection team is responsible for inspecting the combat readiness and vigilance of all units. Based on the findings of the investigation, it is expected that the military may carry out large-scale accountability personnel adjustment.

According to the Yonhap news agency, Lu Shangji said that finding out the truth of the incident is the top priority at present. We should first understand the personal information of the defector and investigate whether he was infected with the new coronavirus. The head of the central emergency response Department of South Korea said at a press conference on the 27th that Kim, a defector returning to North Korea, had never been confirmed to be infected with the new coronavirus in South Korea, nor was it on the management list of new crown contacts. The epidemic prevention department tested two people who had close contact with it the day before, and the results were negative. However, it is not known whether Jin is a suspected case.