Who: novel coronavirus pneumonia confirmed in 254274 cases worldwide

 Who: novel coronavirus pneumonia confirmed in 254274 cases worldwide

The novel coronavirus pneumonia cases in the United States rose to 4275346 in July 27th at 4:35 p.m. Eastern time on July 27th (4:35 4:35 in Beijing time), and 147285 cases were cumulative deaths, according to statistics from the University of Johns Hopkins. Novel coronavirus pneumonia confirmed 52505 cases in 24 hours, and 497 cases of new deaths in the same period compared with the same day in the previous day. Johns Hopkinss University released the data in the same period.

1647 novel coronavirus pneumonia confirmed cases in the US military have been confirmed at least 25590 cases.

According to CNN, novel coronavirus pneumonia cases are confirmed by the US military according to the US military data. Since last weekend (26), 1647 new cases have been reported by the military, 7% higher than the figures reported last Friday. At least 465 new crown patients are being hospitalized in the military, nine more than reported on Friday. In addition to military personnel, the number of confirmed cases among non military staff of the Ministry of defense, family members and defense outsourcing personnel also increased over the weekend.

White House: national security adviser confirms trump is safe

Novel coronavirus pneumonia confirmed Robert OBrien, national security adviser, on 27 June. OBrien is currently the highest ranking official with confirmed infections around trump. It is not clear in media reports when OBrien last met with trump, but the last time the two appeared at the public opening contract was during a visit to the U.S. Southern Command in Miami on July 10. The White House says neither trump nor burns is at risk of infection.

The White House said OBrien is currently showing mild symptoms and has been in self isolation, working in a safe place, and the president and vice president are not at risk of exposure to infection.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia in Britain has more than 300 thousand confirmed cases.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia confirmed more than 300 thousand cases in Britain, reaching 300111 cases, 27 days local time, Broadcasting British Corporation reported. As of the 26th, 45759 deaths have been reported.

583 new cases of novel coronavirus pneumonia were confirmed in Japan, totaling 31249 cases.

The novel coronavirus pneumonia confirmed by Japans NHK television reported that from 0:00 to 23:30 July 27th, 583 new cases of confirmed diagnosis of new crown pneumonia were reported in Japan, and 31249 cases were confirmed, of which 999 cases died. If the number of novel coronavirus pneumonia deaths is added to the Diamond Princess cruise ship, the total number of deaths will be 1012.

514 cases of novel coronavirus pneumonia were confirmed in France, totaling 183079 cases.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia was diagnosed in 514 cases in 24 hours, and 183079 cases were confirmed in total, according to the latest data released by the French public health department on 27 th, as of 14 oclock. Compared with the last infection data released on the 24th, a total of 2551 cases of infection increased in France from 25 to 27 in three days. From 25 to 27, 17 new deaths occurred, with a total of 30 209 deaths.

Data show that novel coronavirus pneumonia patients in France now receive treatment in hospitals, which is 65 fewer than 24 days. 398 novel coronavirus pneumonia patients were treated in ICU, and 12 patients were reduced compared with 24 days.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia cases were confirmed in the past 24 hours (2 cases in the subregion of the Italy region), according to the latest statistics released by the Civil Protection Department of the local authorities in July 27th. The total number of new deaths was 5, and 35112 cases died in all the new cases. 147 cases were newly cured and 198593 cases were cured in total. According to the latest statistics released by the civil protection department in July 27th, the new data were obtained from the Ministry of civil protection.

There were 12581 confirmed novel coronavirus pneumonia cases in Italy, 16 cases increased from the previous day, 45 cases were severe cases, 740 cases were non severe cases in hospital, 11796 cases were mild or asymptomatic.

As of July 27, 10 of Italys 20 regions had achieved the clearance of critical patients.

Study: if the Swiss national emergency is implemented one week later, it will increase 6000 deaths

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