Japanese woman arrested on suspicion of killing husband with cross bow

 Japanese woman arrested on suspicion of killing husband with cross bow

A 23-year-old Japanese college student shot his family with a crossbow

On June 11, it has been a week since a 23-year-old college student shot and killed four relatives with a crossbow in Osaka City, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan. The suspect was arrested by local police at the scene shortly after the attack. With the deepening of police interrogation, the motive of yeozus killing four of his family has gradually emerged.

According to police reports, 23-year-old Yejin Yingfu shot his 75 year old grandmother Haomei, 47 year old mother zhenyoumei and 22-year-old brother Yingzhi at home with a crossbow on the morning of June 4, and injured his aunt Baihe River. After the attack, Yejin Yingfu was preparing to escape and was arrested by the police.

According to the surrounding neighbors, for the past 20 years, all the good things were one persons life. About two years ago, yeozu and his younger brother, Yejin Yingji, moved from Baozhong city and lived with her grandmother Haomei. Due to her old age and limited mobility, she usually lives on the first floor and her two grandchildren live on the second floor.

Local neighbors reported that although yeozu and his younger brother moved back, they did not communicate with their neighbors except for her grandmother Haomei. In recent years, fewer and fewer people have seen him, said a male neighbor. It is said that when he is free, he will shut himself in and try not to go out. After we met on the road, we said hello to him. He basically buried his head and didnt look at us at all.