56 year old swimsuit model amazing, how old is the audience?

 56 year old swimsuit model amazing, how old is the audience?

Not only have the major media reported:

And she also starred in the music MV of the famous band Green Day,

Many people may wonder: can an average 56 year old aunt be a model? Still so successful?

Thats because Sports Illustrated conducted an open selection competition to explore the beauty of diversity, called siswim search.

The six women who made it to the finals this year did not all meet the standards of being young, slim and tall, but their sexy appearance on the T-stage in their swimsuits was also very beautiful.

Christie Valdiserri, who suffers from alopecia, had her wig removed without compromising her light.

They are all women in their twenties, more than twice the age of Kathy Jacobs, but Kathy, 56, also shows great energy and passion.

Because beauty is not exclusive to young people, which is what Kathy has always wanted to express. What if she is 56 years old, can she only be an aunt and grandmother in the eyes of others?

Im doing this to change the way people think about women over 50, not just for society, but for ourselves.

Kathy in the 90s

But she did not stumble, but bravely pursued her dream.

She had participated in a swimsuit model competition in Sports Illustrated before, but she failed to pass the first round, but she did not give up.

I have a strong desire to try again and try to change the way society views women over the age of 50.

On the second attempt, she finally made it to the final and made it to the swimsuit cover of sports illustrated

Dreams will come true. Never give up. You are not old enough to believe in yourself.

I want other women who are afraid of pursuing their dreams to see me and say, if she can do it at 56, I can do it no matter how old.

In order to keep fit, Kathy keeps exercising, and even gives herself more exercise than usual during the competition.

Shes a professional surfer, and shes had a good time in private.

Usually wear imitation and creative makeup on the social platform

Hair expression bag,

Sister party, another sisters 50th birthday, happy!

Or have a cross talk with my sister. Lets go.

In depth understanding of the 56 year old model, I believe most people will not deny her beauty, her passion, and her ability to appear on the cover of a magazine.

Age did not fade her beauty, but added charm and temperament to her.

She is really like this picture of aunt tulibai said, how old, my mother is still hot and sexy.