I love the shape of Sunglasses by Li stani

 I love the shape of Sunglasses by Li stani

This style of sunglasses is also one of the most popular styles this year. Both Kendall and Zhou Yutong started early. When you go to the airport and take photos on the street, you can see that the atmosphere is fully open.

Seeing the holiday season coming, the fashionistas began to rub their hands. Sunglasses not only can effectively prevent ultraviolet radiation and protect eyes, but also is an indispensable matching item for fashion icon. However, it is not advisable to blindly follow the trend. Only with suitable sunglasses, can we achieve the effect of modifying the face shape and increasing the height of the skull top.

So today coco decided to talk to you about how to choose sunglasses.

round face

There are two ways for Round faced girls to choose sunglasses. One is large lenses and the other is wide frame. However, it is better to choose square lenses in the shape of lenses, which can be decorated with relatively strong lines to achieve the effect of modifying face shape.

Diorsostellaire 1 Series sunglasses are very suitable for round face girls to wear. When Zhao Ruth is plain or light make-up, she will choose similar glasses to modify her face, and use the large frame to highlight the delicate feeling of her face.

Girls who like retro American style can learn Selena Gomezs method of selecting sunglasses. Lespecs from Australia, there are many similar styles, round face girls can start with.

High cheekbones, jaw line, clear face shape

For the face with prominent cheekbones and obvious jaw line, the facial lines are relatively clear, and the whole face has a strong sense of contour. Generally, supermodels belong to this type of face, giving people a sense of distance that no one can enter. However, such a face shape is easy to create different styles of make-up effect, which is favored by T-stage.

First cousin Liu Wen, as a top supermodel, belongs to this type of face. When matching sunglasses, the frame length should be greater than the widest part of the face!

Another kind of Pilot Sunglasses, the lens shape is triangular circle, the lower edge protrudes outward design, can soften some facial curves. Dont match your big cousins red lips.

Narrow long face

The face is narrow and long, with more white on the forehead or chin, so it is necessary to fill the face with round frame lenses protruding from top to bottom or metal thin frame sunglasses with large lens area. Kaia and sister-in-law Rosie are the top fans of this kind of sunglasses.

Pilots sunglasses are also suitable for narrow type, which can compress the length of the face visually. However, the lens of thick frame glasses is smaller, so it is not suitable for narrow and long face.

Dilireba, who is also a narrow and long face, also likes to wear Aviator Sunglasses and some metal framed sunglasses to highlight the delicate lower part of the five senses of the city. Even Gao futu couldnt resist her aura.

In addition to modifying the shape of the face, wearing sunglasses on the top of the head will increase the height of the skull and create an atmosphere of excellent skull. Both Jennie and CICI have done this.

Style determines fashion


In addition to the regular Classic Sunglasses, there are many other designs that are popular this year. For example, Billie elish seldom wears regular sunglasses. There are many styles in her private collection with her signature fluorescent green frame, most of which are hip-hop avant-garde styles.

The design of goggles is also a hot style this year. It is reflected in the cooperation between gentlemonster and Wu Yifan in the gentlewu series. It is avant-garde and has a great sense of future, which is suitable for young trendsetters.

How can a woman who is in front of the trend not have one or two pairs of cool ski goggles.

Y2K style translucent color frameless sunglasses are also the hot fried chicken in this seasons sunglasses, which have been picked by Bella Hadid for many times. They are indispensable items for work and vacation.

The hellzbellz series of chromehearts and Bella, with rectangular translucent color lenses and retro frames, are Bellas favorite glasses style. Wearing them is 80s spice girl.

Chain clause

Like bag shoes, this years sunglasses have not escaped the binding of the chain. This type of sunglasses has witnessed the popularity of a circle.

As early as in the 1990s, Chanel transformed the bag chain of 2.55 handbag into Sunglasses chain, making simple Sunglasses more diversified.

Nowadays, the package chain is replaced by a pearl chain. Whether it is butterfly sunglasses or cats Eye Sunglasses, plus the pearl chain, it has become literature and art and retro.

Song Yanfei once wore chain sunglasses from Gucci. The chain design on both sides adopts metal design, so we can wear it without wearing extra earrings.

hierry lasry

At the Bottega Veneta 2020 spring show, the reflective Diamond Shaped Sunglasses not only bring sense, but also carry the gas field and isolation layer.

Black cats eye sunglasses are absolutely indispensable fashion items in Elsa hosks collocation. The upturned frame can help to enhance the facial lines and enhance the facial features.

The narrow square Frances series and the round box Betty and Doris series are popular. The little 11millie Bobby Brown and G-Dragon have worn them before, which is also suitable for the common face shape of Asian girls.

Good looking sunglasses are not the same. Coco suggests that you should take good care of your face shape and daily clothing style before you buy them, so that the matching rate of sunglasses can be greatly improved!

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