Its just a matter of wearing a lady

 Its just a matter of wearing a lady

To tell you the truth, Cola also watched the play, but what made the fashionable girl bald most was that:

Whether it is elassay, a luxury brand in China, or laurel, a niche high-end brand in Germany, she wears it with a low-key atmosphere and gentleness.

Daily with baby, relaxed leisure, from head to toe is also very particular.

Easy to control the fashion of the theorys windbreaker, and Zaras windbreaker. Cola was planted in a moment

Or the upper part of a skirt can be easily controlled~

Whether its a small number of domestic designer brand ovv homes sleeveless dress, or deep V Pleated Dress, temperament.

In addition to her figure, Gu Jias personal equipment is also perfect

Bullying my son, right away! My palms are not vegetarian!

Before the age of 30, we look at the quantity, after the age of 30, we look at the quality..

Gu Jia also used this sentence in the clothing. Daily clothes pay attention to texture. Although simple, the details are very exquisite~

In addition to mastering the lady wear, Gu Jia can also become a tea judge to drive away all the hidden dangers in marriage!

Love, love, I love the character too much

If you want to get into the ladies circle, you cant just live in a luxurious community, have a smart mind and high EQ, and are so simple as a ladys piece from head to toe.

You have to have a knockout brick to get inside!

The netizens who didnt watch the drama will be full of question marks. Is Chanel and LV on their shoulders not fragrant? Is a lady, only for Hermes?

Coke warning:

Ladies wear is not suitable for all Jimei,

Please consume rationally according to the actual situation!


Bao knocked on the door of the ladies circle,

Although in the play, Hermes appeared, other brands immediately lost their luster.

But since Ive been chasing TV series, Colas professionalism has kept me counting bags. What kind of baby styles are there in Gu Jias cloakroom!

Cant you make a Hermes?

In daily life, Gu Jia prefers light luxury brands, such as MK and Furla.

When she carries Dior, Celine and LV out of the house, she must help her husband Xu Huashan to solve the problem of work.

However, Gu Jia, a fragrant goose worth 5W, was despised by the arrogant wives.

Even in the afternoon tea group photo, Po friends circle, Gu Jia in the corner was mercilessly cut off.

Look, family~~

Finally, Gu Jia had to drag her friend Manny to get Kelly ostrich skin at a market price of 20W.

Only in the later afternoon tea group photo, won a place.

If you know Hermes, you may not be surprised by the plot.

But most of the sisters who can only be seen from afar, cola is about to unveil this realistic and cruel luxury contempt chain!

02 Hermes on the top of luxury goods,

I dont know when Hermes became a symbol of the status of aristocrats all over the world.

The ladies in the play carry either Birkin or Kelly.

The size, size, leather and rarity of bags are the main factors determining the price.

Therefore, Mrs. Li, who was set up as old money in the play, is naturally holding the king of bags of Hermes family, Himalayan platinum bag, in addition to standing in position C of the group photo.

Leather rare precious, non vvvvvvvip customers, is not ordered!

The price of 260W has been sold with diamond;

100-150w non drilling fund;

In reality, American and European female stars such as sister-in-law and Kardashian are its fans,

But Mrs. Wang, the neighbor who took Gu Jia into his wifes circle, took a Kelly bag with a price of 60W.

Shirts, scarves and dresses are OK. If you go with a feather duster or garbage can, you have to be calm. (I cant afford it anyway)

In addition, the group photo also appeared as long as 9W platinum, Togo cowhide, red and black color matching custom-made.

Think 9W is cheap?

To know the limitation of Hermes family, if you want to have it, you have to accumulate countless consumption amount in the early stage to obtain the qualification.

I really want to experience the hard work of rich people.

The rest of the ladies are all in purses~

But dont look down on Pu PI, but Gu Jias stepping stone to the upper class!

Heres one thing coke has figured out

In the past, some TV dramas boastfully shaped the identity of rich people. What kind of contracted fish ponds? Shopping malls and hotels are owned by my family.

We look at Marius and we know its all fiction.

But thirty is relatively real. It restores the world of the rich to almost 1:1. Wives struggle with husbands, resources and backgrounds, and female entrepreneurs are not willing to fall behind and find organizations.

For the lady wear, the common people can only look at the picture of a happy, but also a normal life!

After all, in real life, Gu Jia is a minority, and Wang mani and Zhong Xiaoqin, an ordinary girl, are everywhere in the world!

What else touches you the most in this drama, besides Lady circle?

Coke online and so on, welcome everyone to make complaints about sleeping before Tucao!

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